Pretty Samy: An Overview

According to several unofficial sources, Pretty Samy was an idea that started off as a joke. The producers of Tenchi Muyo! conjured up images of Sasami in a magical-girl cankid outfit and partaking the role. Thus Pretty Samy was born. Samy made her debut appearance in the PS drama CD and later in the Mihoshi special side story in the original TM! OVA series. It was surprisingly well-received, fans of TM! started to send in their requests for more PS. The rest, as they say, is history! ^_^

Q: Which, if any, Tenchi characters lost their way during their transitional move to Pretty Samy?
A: Pretty Samy features majority of the original TM! cast, with Sasami, Ryo-oh-ki and Tsunami as the main characters and Tenchi, Ryoko, Aeka, Mihoshi, Kiyone, Wasyu acting as side characters. Several new personna are added to this list of usual cast as well: Misao (Sasami's best friend), Ramia (Tsunami's adversary), Rumiya (Ramia's obedient little brother) and Chihiro (Sasami and Tenchi's irresponsible mother). While all of the original characters are plastered with new backgrounds and given semi-new personalities, they are still very recognizable TM! people. So anyone who is familiar with either the OVA or the TV series should feel right at home with PS.

Q: Where does Pretty Samy take place?
A: Earth and the magical kingdom of Juraihelm, with the former being the primary setting.

Q: What's the story behind Pretty Samy?
A: The basic premise is this: Tsunami has just been chosen to be the next Queen of Juraihelm. But before her inheritance to the throne could be finalized, Tsunami must first prove her worthiness by selecting a magical girl to champion her cause. For reasons unknown, Tsunami chooses an ordinary elementary school student named Sasami from the insignificant planet of Earth. Ramia, the runner-up in the race, does not want Tsunami to succeed, so she goes out and finds her own magical girl to hamper Pretty Samy's efforts. Ramia winds up with Misao, Sasami's classmate and best friend, who she forcefully changes into Pixy Misa to perform " evil deeds " for her. The plot evolves around these two characters as they battle it out in modern day Tokyo.

Q: Would I like Pretty Samy?
A: That's really hard to say. Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Do I like anime based on the magical-girl theme (i.e. Sailor Moon)?
  2. Am I a big fan of Sasami, Ryo-chan and/or Tsunami?
  3. Am I really, really into the original Tenchi OVAs and do I totally despise anything that destroys the current mental image I have of the Tenchiverse?
If you answered yes to 1 and 2 and no to 3, there is a very good chance that you'd like Pretty Samy. Otherwise, PS probably isn't for you, especially if you replied with a firm yes to 3.

Q: Anything new in Pretty Samy?
A: Several things in Pretty Samy distinguishes itself from the other Tenchi series:

  1. Sasami is the main character!!! (As if you didn't know...)
  2. Frequent appearance by Tsunami!!!
  3. Ryo-oh-ki-chan talks!!!
  4. Wonderful cast of new characters: Misao, Ramia, Rumiya and Chihiro!
  5. Cute, "emotional" enemies like the Love Love Monsters!

Q: How does Sasami transform herself into Pretty Samy?
A: With the magical wand in her hand and by chanting the magical incantation of "Pretty Mutation! Magicalla Recalled!"

Q: Does Pretty Samy make an appearance in other Tenchi worlds?
A: Didn't you read the introduction? Oh, its pathetic writing threw you off the track? Sorry... ~_~
The answer is yes.
Pretty Samy also makes brief appearances in the Mihoshi Special of the OVA and in the 12th episode of the TV series. Note however, that in both instances, Sasami used a slightly different method to transform herself into Pretty Samy. In the TM! OVA special, Sasami simply tosses a crystal into the air, which changes into Ryo-oh-ki; when parts to her wand are connected, the transformation process takes place. In the TM! TV series, she uses the magical words "Jugeimu jugeimu gokouno surike Sammy Davis buroira chikin!" to change into her magical wardrobe. The two red beads on her hair do not change into flowers like they do in the PS OVA and the TM! OVA. Instead, two pairs of smaller beads are simply released and hung loosely from the larger ones. Her dress is also quite different (more revealing... as if it wasn't already ^_-).

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