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* Sasami's Image Gallery
* Tenchi Muyo Image Archive

Movie Theater

* Tenchi Muyo Quicktime Movies

Sound Museum

* Transformation of Sasami into Pretty Samy. (107 K)
* Samy's " winning " line. (23 K)
* Tenchi Muyo -- Songs and Sounds
* Little Washu's Media Archive

All WAV files listed above were recorded at 11025 Hz, 8-bit mono to conserve space.
These files should be viewed as samples and samples only. Please purchase the original CD/VC/LD.

The best places for image and sound files of Pretty Samy are found on dedicated Anime FTP sites. What you will find here are links to several FTP sites which carry them. Keep in mind, however, FTP contents are subject to change without notice, so the best way to find the files you are looking for is using the various Internet search tools available to you (e.g. Archie). Nevertheless, I will do my best to keep the links on this site up-to-date.

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* (Taiwan)
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