Pretty Samy

Credits Due

* Eric Carney (
Like the animated Ryo-oh-ki and Samy Heart? Guess who made it? ^_^
* Hon-Sing Chin (
Amazing how much of the C programming language one can forget within a short period of time... Thanks for reminding me all the missing parts! ^_^
* Mark Clifton (
Mark has always been a good friend to me and his support and humorous personality always bring a smile to my face. I'd especially like to thank him for providing me with lyrics of many English songs in the Songs 'n Lyrics section, as well as majority of the info and scans on the English subbed/dubbed videos in the Videos section under Product Descriptions. Oh yeah, don't forget to visit his Little Washu's "Cute" Home Page! It's one of the best Tenchi pages around! ^_^
* Derek Liu (
Recognized as one of the master scanning artists and the proud owner of Ryoko's Cave and The Sasami Shrine in the TM! Web Arena, his pages were what inspired me to do a TM! page of my own.
* Matthew K. Miller
Many thanks to Mr. Miller for providing me with a portrait (isn't he so handsome? ^_^) and a brief biography of himself!
* Death Origin (
This fellow probably did more advertising for this site than anyone else, including myself. In fact, he was the very first Asian who got to this place, even before I made the offical announcement for it! Thanks, Death! ^_^
* Trevor Phillips (
The person who persuaded me that three weighted votes is better than one. If you don't like the new setup, come to me and beat me up until you are satisfied -- I am the one who finalized the decision and made the changes. If you like the new setup, go thank Trevor -- he is the guy who had the original idea (with help from Brian and Chad). ^_^
* Yann Stettler (
Mucho gracious to Yann for hosting this page on his web server, and for helping me out in getting all the stuff there and to the proper places. ^_-
* Frank White (
Unquestionably the most helpful person throughout the production of these pages. Thanks, Frank! ^_^
* Anyone who owns a TM! page
Without the inspirations and data from your page, this would never have happened. ^_^

Humble words from the site keeper...

Most of the images found on this page were created by yours truly, save for the ones that were built for me by good friends on the net and those that came from well-known sources like Land of the Googly Eyes. Like Lanzer and many other Tenchi page owners, I view many of the works present on my pages to be the trademarks of my site. Generally I do not have any problems with people reproducing portions of my pages, my only wish is that those who do can kindly slip me a brief note to inform me of the extraction. Of course, a little credits due never hurts anyone either. Thank you! ^_-

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