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The Unofficial Walkthrough for Worlds of Ultima II: Martian Dreams

Martian Dreams, v0.9
Released June 12, 1995
Compiled by Aubrey Kalyn Chen <>
Copyright (C) 1995. All rights reserved.


"1893. The World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago. Astronomer Percival Lowell's colossal space cannon is poised to hurl a huge bullet-ship to Mars. Then disaster strikes! The cannon discharges a day early with dozens of history's leading figures aboard. Unprepared for the rigors of Mars, the accidental space travelers have little chance of surviving. Now, you must travel to the past and join up in an attempt to rescue the stranded expedition or history will be forever changed!"



Location, Coordinates Name Information/Puzzle/Skill

1893 Landing Site, 29S 151W
Lieutenant Dibbs Party member, general info on Mars

1895 Landing Site, 27S 146E
Dr. C.L. Blood Healing, resurrection
Nellie Bly Party member, notetaker
Sigmund Freud Character generation, dreams
Garrett Crowbar
Dr. Johann Spector Party member, electric cable repair
Nikola Tesla ---

Dream Machines
NW - Clanton Auctioneer
Wyatt Earp Steed auction, horse
Smith (brown horse) Smith the Horse, need I say more?
SW - George Melies The-walls-are-closing-in! dilemma
NE - Mark Twain Lost manuscript retrieval
SE - Percival Lowell Planet Pluto discovery

NW - George Washington Carver Scarecrow
SW - Nikolai Lenin Lesson on communism
NE - H.G. Wells Invisible monster trouble
SE - Louis Comfort Tiffany Bullish nightmare
SEE - Chsheket Gatherer, mind transfer #2
Plashef Cultivator
Prektesh Agrarian, mind transfer #1
Pukchep Gatherer
Xaktsesh Arborist

Lens Towers
55N 125W Broken lens
59N 23W Covered in weeds
55N 100E Broken motor

Martian Cities
Argyre, 30S 107W
Emma Goldman ---
Grigori Y. Rasputin (Raxachk) Mr. Foozle
Fenton ---
Gordo ---
Maurice ---
Miles ---

Elysium, 20N 114E
George W. Carver (Cheshef) Weed removal
Wyatt Earp (Xichak) ---
Nikolai Lenin (Pashesh) ---
Percival Lowell (Tekapesh) Settlement leader
Georges Melies (Fazek) Photograph development
Louis Comfort Tiffany (Chaktsaf) Lens repair
Mark Twain (Sisik) ---
H.G. Wells (Bikchiz) ---

Hellas, 27S 77E
Marcus Chaney Talking to and repairing the Dream Machines

Olympus, 10N 110W
Sarah Bernhardt Cosmetic make-over
Antoine Couillard One without his brother
Marie Curie Radioactive substance expertise
Thomas Edison Circuit alteration, tower motor
mechanism repair
William Randolph Hearst Photograph, azurite owner
Robert E. Peary Power failure, lens towers
Nathaniel Peters Gatekeeper
Theodore Roosevelt Crime-stopper extroadinare
Jack Segal Info on Martian settlements and
Dream Machines, settlement leader
Capt. Trippet Conveyor belt repair

Noctis Caverns, 11S 81W
Cooter McGee (post-rescue) ---

Coprates Caverns, 21S 64W
Cooter McGee (pre-rescue) Oxium treasure map

Olympus Mines, 3N 137W
Andrew Carnegie Space bullet and cannonball
Jean Couillard Dying brother of Antoine

Syrtis Mines, 10N 73E
Greg Duprey Cave-in victim, voucher
Richard Sherman Cave-in victim, voucher, party
member, general info on Mars
David Yellin Drill assembly, voucher

Trading Outpost, 13S 128W
William F. "Buffalo Bill" Cody Supplies
Calamity Jane Supplies

Utility Stations
Kaxishek's Laboratory, 54N 112E
Cutter Heart stone creation

Power Plant, 14N 26W
Coker Electrical system repair
Stoker Electrical system repair

Pumping Station, 18N 167W
Diver ---

Other Places of Interest
Simple Maze, 29S 106W Open locked brass case with hammer

Treasure Map and Shovel, 17S 79W


At the beginning of the game, you will undergo an interview conducted by Dr. Freud. Your psychological profile, along with a random number generator, will determine your character's physical attributes in Martian Dreams. Answer each question to the best of your ability to mirror your real life personna into the game.

Due to the considerable variation in the results I got and my general lack of patience of figuring out what does what, I will simply list the result averages here. Your personal mileage may vary.

Responses Str Dex Int
A A A A 25 18 22
A A A B 24 19 25
A A B A 20 24 26
A A B B 18 26 22
A B A A 26 24 20
A B A B 24 26 19
A B B A 22 24 24
A B B B 21 26 23
B A A A 25 20 24
B A A B 24 20 26
B A B A 20 23 26
B A B B 21 26 22
B B A A 22 21 24
B B A B 24 20 22
B B B A 24 23 21
B B B B 23 26 21
C A A A 24 23 21
C A A B 24 25 22
C A B A 21 24 24
C A B B 22 25 22
C B A A 24 19 23
C B A B 22 18 24
C B B A 24 24 20
C B B B 24 24 21

Note: Sex doesn't seem to have an impact on stat rolls. Starting HM/HP ranges from 132-148.


Default party members: Avatar, Johann Spector, Nellie Bly. Additional party members: Dibbs, Richard Sherman, Chsheket.

What's the first thing you should do at the beginning of every good RPG? That's right, plunder your party with various alter-egos scattered throughout the gameworld and decorate them with equally diverse goodies - weapons, armors, backpacks, the works. Mars, despite its isolation, isn't a place marred by the lack of hot-blooded NPCs who are more than willing to join your ragtag band of young ruffians; everything you need to help you survive the harsh Martian environment can be found right there in the space capsule. Your default party includes three resourceful members: Dr. Johann Spector, Ms. Nellie Bly, and of course, you the Avatar. Dr. Spector offers general information and his technical expertise; Ms. Bly takes excellent notes; and you the Avatar, in case you didn't know, are a mighty champion of Virtues. Again, as in Savage Empire, your old Britannian friends are here, but in their more earthly incarnations - namely David Yellin (Iolo), Richard Sherman (Shamino), and Greg Duprey (Dupre). Unfortunately, only one of them will be participating in your adventures this time around. The go-lucky threesome can be found at Syrtis Mine. The sovereign of Britannia also makes an appearance in Martian Dreams. That's right, the hotshot cowboy by the name of Garrett is our good friend Lord British. Too bad he won't be joining you on your adventures either. Uh hem, looks like I have wasted enough space... Lieutenant Dibbs will join your party as soon as you talk to him. Chsheket will take Sherman's place once you reach a certain point in the game.

Party member default attributes:

Character Str Dex Int
Avatar see above
Johann Spector 16 18 22
Nellie Bly 14 21 19
Dibbs 19 20 15
Richard Sherman 20 21 18
Chsheket 26 16 20


After you accrue a certain number of experience points, you will automatically gain levels whenever you set up camp via <u>sing the tent.

Level/Exp - 1/0, 2/100, 3/200, 4/400, 5/800, 6/1600, 7/3200, 8/6400.

While you sleep, you will be offered a chance to enhance your stats: <s>word for strength, <h>eart for dexterity, <b>ook for intelligence. Each pick adds one point to the selected field.


Here is a brief description of how commerce operates on Mars:

Buffalo Bill

Ammunition: Trail goods:
pistol - 10 for 10 oxium tent - 50 oxium
shotgun - 10 for 20 oxium tinderbox - 15 oxium
rifle - 10 for 30 oxium weedkiller - 30 oxium
elephant - 10 for 40 oxium lamp - 10 oxium
sling - 10 for 5 oxium
arrows - 12 for 10 oxium

Calamity Jane

Oxy-rocks: Clothing:
oxium - 20 for 15 purple berry hat - 15 oxium
geode - 1 for 30 purple berry boots - 20 oxium
gloves - 10 oxium
pants - 30 oxium
jacket - 40 oxium
neck - 10 oxium

blue - nausea - not used in trading
brown - spatial awareness - 20 for 50 oxium
green - object empathy - 20 for 50 oxium
purple - telekinesis - 20 for 50 oxium


Mars is inhabited by a variety of creatures, both hostile and peaceful. The list below tells you how much experience you gain for killing the hostile ones.

Creature Exp

Agrobot 81
Airsquid 50
Ammonoid 39
Bushalo 63
Bushrat 53
Canal worm 75
Cave worm 44
Creeper 34
Creeping cactus 44
Giant maw 700+
Glow worm --
Hedgehog ??
Janitor 62
Jumping bean 20
Oxy-leech 48
Plantelope --
Planther 60
Pod devil ??
Proto-Martian 38
Rockworm 68
Sand trapper 96
Sextelleger 105
Tentacle 40



25S 120W, between Arsia Mons & Noctis Labyrinthus
8N 162W, west of Olympus Mons

4S 9W, in the canal spur NE of Argyre Planitia
27S 62E (the big one), in Hellas Planitia

Navigate a barge by <m>oving the lever in the direction you wish to go.


18N 111W, north of Olympus
4S 121W, north of the trading post
25N 121E, north of Elysium
36N 163W, NW of Olympus Mons

Not Raised
23S 120W, SE of Arsia Mons
41S 157W, south of the 1893 space bullet
30S 65E, in Hellas
13N 111E, south of Elysium

To raise or retrieve a bridge, <u>se the levers located on either side of it.


These wonderful devices, once powered up, can instantly carry you to any of the four major establishments on Mars: Argyre (SE), Elysium (NW), Hellas (SW) and Olympus (NE). Simply walk into the proper chamber and it will teleport you to the selected destination.


NPC Dead? Game Over.

Watch out for any and every NPCs you encounter on your journey across Mars. If any of the important characters buys the farm, the savegame feature will be deactivated and you will not be able to finish the game.


While the locals may rave and rant about the perceptibly lower level of oxygen content in the Martian atmosphere and the importance of oxium, it really isn't all that big of a deal. The minor side effect you suffer due to the environmental hazard (-3 to each of your three physical attributes) isn't prominent enough that you have to worry too much about it. However, if you feel that nothing less than your very best is good enough for you, purchase and/or find a bunch of oxium to chew on in your travels (chewing is an automated process).


Despite the fact that Dr. Blood has the ability to bring you and your companions back to life from anytime, anywhere, and in any condition, it is NOT a good idea to go unconscious repetitively. You stand to lose a fair amount of experience points each time you die. So try to stay alive!



To start things off, talk to everyone inside the space capsule. While chatting with cowboy Garrett, ask for a "crowbar" that will allow you to open the jammed door to the capsule. Now, go to the back of the space bullet and outfit your party with proper clothing and equipment; the crowbar will unlatch any nailed-shut crates and boxes. Take all the tools you find with you, as everything will come in handy at some point in the game. Once your party is properly suited up, <u>se the crowbar on the door to open it.

Once outside, you will discover that the Martian atmosphere is considerably thinner than that of Earth's (surprise, surprise). Due to this deoxygenated state, your party members will be unable to function at their tip-top shape. Ignore the problem for now, since there is nothing you can do about it at the moment.


Head straight east from your capsule and soon you will arrive at the 1893 landing site. A charming British royal guard by the name of Dibbs will be there to greet you. He will join you in your quest and introduce you to the basic landscape of Mars and her civilization, as well as the people who dwell there plus the existence and use of oxium.

The young Lieutenant advices you to head toward the trading outpost at the earliest opportunity to get some goods, that's a pretty good idea. But before you do, search thoroughly through the 1893 space bullet and the crates sitting around it. Make sure you pick up the weed sprayer before you leave. Afterward, head east from the 1893 landing site and then north when you come across an impassable channel and you will soon arrive at the trading outpost co-owned by Calamity Jane and Buffalo Bill. Dispose of the vicious Sextelleger(s) hanging around the shop before you go in. Chat with the shopkeepers and learn of their oxium supplier's recent mysterious disappearance.


Quest: Find Ol' Coot, the oxium prospector.
Hint : Look for Cooter's lair within the cavern at Noctis Labyrinthus. Have berries, will cross bridge.

Agree to assist the traders in locating McGee's whereabouts because it's the avatarly thing to do.

Before you leave, learn of the trading system employed by the merchants. Also remember to close the door behind you; otherwise, unwanted accidents might happen if one of those Sextellegers ever get too close to the hapless traders. Despite their heroics on Earth, Jane and Bill are a couple of whinnies when it comes to defending themselves from the six-legged menace.

Once you enter the cavern, you will find a small chasm that bridges McGee's home and the outside world, how does he cross it? See the little plank on the other side? You will have to move it somehow. Darn it, but you aren't equip with a spellbook in this game! That Telekinesis spell would come in mighty handy right now, wouldn't it? Guess you will have to find something on Mars that does the exact same thing. The answer? Psycho berries!!! You can either trade for them or find them at just about any berry bushes. Elysium garden and a bush garden just SE of Olympus are good places for them. Go there and grab some.

Swallow one of those purple berries and you will gain the potent ability of telekinesis. Now <m>ove the plank toward you until it creates a bridge to the other side. Search thoroughly through McGee's lair. From reading one of the notes, you will learn that Cooter has went forth to speak with Rasputin in a cavern located at Coprates Labyrinthus.

Go there and speak with McGee. He will reveal the whereabouts of his hidden treasure map; use it to find various items Cooter has hidden from Rasputin in an area north of Argyre. The red dots on the map indicate buried treasures; <u>se the shovel on the mound to dig them out. Ignore the "motherlode" spot for now, it's time you visited Olympus.

Note: You should do this quest in the early stages of the game, because if you don't, McGee will be abducted by Rasputin and will remain unavailable from that point on.


Quest: Get three explorers to vouch for your sanity.
Hint : Look for your three Britannian friends around Syrtis Major Planum.

Upon arrival, you are greeted by friendly chap named Nathaniel Peters at the gates of the Olympus colony. He informs you that due to the recent events that plagued the Elysium colonists, he must make sure you are clear of any Martian Dream Machine contamination before he will grant you entrance into the city. To do so, you are asked to get the vouching signatures of three people who Nathaniel is certain to be free of the strange insanity: Greg Duprey, Richard Sherman and David Yellin. They are three explorers who have recently ventured into Syrtis Major Planum in search of new iron deposit. Travel there by crossing the bridge located north of Olympus and head west. <U>se your sextant to assist you. The Syrtis Mine is located just west of the Elysium colony.


Quest: Free two of the three hapless explorers of their predicament. Hint : Assemble a drill to free your friends.

What do you know? Looks like Shamino and Dupre are up to their old tricks again. That's right, getting themselves into no end of trouble. And once again you are the only one who can bail them out.

As Dr. Yellin has stated, the only way to free his trapped comrades is to assemble a drill to clear the cave-in blockade. Unfortunately for him, he doesn't have the right equipment to connect the tool pieces. Fortunately for you (and him and Sherman and Duprey for that matter), you have something that can establish the missing link. Take out that wrench you got from the space bullet storage and set it to assembly mode. Go to the hut just west of your current location and you will find two drill parts waiting to be put together. First, <m>ove the drill onto the drill cart, then <u>se the wrench on the drill to connect the two pieces. Ta da, something even Tim the Toolman Taylor would be proud of!

Once that is done, push the drill into the mines. Wheel it along until you reach the cave-in spot (from the cave opening, go N, W, N). Use the drill on the rocks until they give way to your drill's relentless assault. Once on the other side, you will be greeted by the would-have-been victims. Ask each of the rescuees to sign your voucher. Voila!


Quest: Learn all about Mars and the lost 1893 expedition team members.
Hint : While all info spewed out by Olympus colonists are important, pay special attention to Admiral Perry in regard to a downed Martian power plant.

Once you get back to Olympus, hand over your signed voucher to Peters and he will let you in. <T>alk to everyone there and learn as much as you can about the 1893 expedition team and the lost Martian civilization. Pick up anything in the area you find useful, including Ms. Curie's lead box and a pair of tongs (if you don't already have

Antoine Couillard who guards the broken remains of a smashed-up Dream Machine will ask you to help him find his lost brother Jean. Agree to it, and take the stairs down located in the western wing of the city. On the subterranean level, head west until you find a set of stairs that lead upwards. <U>se a wrench on the panel to loosen it and retrieve it along the way. Climb up the stairs. <T>alk to reporter William Hearst in a cabin nearby and learn that he has recently obtained a special Martian "gem". If you show interest in it (you should), he will ask you for a favor. Climb to the top of Olympus Mons and retrieve the lost camera which he seeks. You will have to fight through a bunch of proto-Martian hunchos and hostile planthers but they should prove little trouble for your hearty band. Take the camera back to Hearst and he will give you a photograph plate and ask you to develop it. There is nothing you can do about that (and you thought those photography lessons would never come in handy in your lifetime...), so leave it alone for now.

Wonder around the area until you find the entrance to the Olympus Mines; it should be somewhere south of Hearst's cabin.


Quest: To find and rescue (if possible) the lost brother of cry baby Antoine Couillard.
Hint : Use your best weapons to get rid of those tenacious caveworms and rockworms.

Strap on your shotguns, pack along your elephant rounds, and get ready to kick some serious squishy worm butts! But before you do, pump down your adrenaline and have a civilized conversation with Mr. Carnegie, the steel tycoon. You can find him by going west until you reach the space cannon chamber. Talk to him until he has nothing productive to say (which shouldn't take too long to happen).

Head back and turn north at the intersection. Follow the caverns until it splits into two directions, north and west. Take the west route and then go as far south as you possibly can, soon you will find brother Jean, mortally wounded by the carnivorous rockworms. He will give you a Masonic symbol to prove your encounter with him before death claims him. While you are here, look around the area and search for a few chunks of radium (the big ones). To properly handle the radioactive substance, place the tongs in one of your hands and then pick up the radium and <m>ove it into the lead box. Take the symbol back to Antoine and he will let you have a peek at the Dream Machine. Within the chamber, you will find a headset. <T>ake it with you as you will need it later. Show your circuit board to Edison and ask him to convert it to one that will operate the Dream Machine.


Quest: To send billions of volts of electricity throughout Mars and reactivate the disabled teleporters, bridges, and many other mechanical goodies.
Hint : Following McGee's map (or Perry's direction) leads you to the Martian power plant. Local robots and scrolls will teach you the basics of Martian electrical engineering 101.

The next logical thing to do is to restore the disabled Martian electrical system, mentioned by Admiral Perry earlier on.

Locating the power plant is simple enough, but getting it into working order is a whole different matter. There are several things in the automated system that have broken down since God-knows-when which will require some fancy handiwork. The first thing you will find is a broken conveyor belt which is essential for lugging coal deposits from Coker to Stoker. As one of your companions have pointed out, Capt. Trippet can repair the belt for you. <T>ake the damaged strip with you back to Olympus and show it to Trippet. He will fix it for you in seconds. Head back to the power plant and <u>se the new belt on the conveyor belt rollers. OK, now Coker can pass the coal pile it mines to Stoker who can then carry it to fuel the furnace. The second thing you have to do is to reheat the now silent furnace to restart the automated process. <U>se a shovel to move a bunch of coal (2+) into the furnace and stand near it. If the furnace goes cold before Stoker can take over the process, put some more coal in. Sooner or later, a patch of coal will arrive within the reaching distance of Stoker and he will take over the dreadfully boring work from there.

The final thing you have to do is to patch up the damaged cable. In a room just east of the furnace chamber, you find oxium heaven. Replenish your oxium supply here if you like. <T>ake the cable spool in the middle chamber with you. Following Stoker's instruction will lead you to the SE corner of the underground construct. Take the staircase that leads up to the surface.

Make sure you are wearing a pair of rubber gloves before you attempt the dangerous job of replacing the sparking cables, Dr. Spector has a pair and will offer them to you. <U>se the pilers on the cable spool on the tower. Power is now broadcasted throughout Mars! Many of the transportation devices unavailable to you previously will now be opened up, including bridges as well as the teleportation modules.


Quest: To get the Dream Machine to hum and chime again.
Hint : Talk to the inhabitants of Elysium and Hellas to learn how to repair the Hellas Dream Machine. Marcus knows something helpful if you don't know the necessary steps.

Travel to Elysium and Hellas and vocally interact with their inhabitants. Learn everything you can about the downfall of the Martian civilization as well as the mysterious Dream Machines. When you are done talking, travel to Hellas. There is an unraised bridge in the western part of the city; <u>se the switch to raise it. On the otherside, you should find a Dream Machine.

Fixing the Dream Machine is easier than you think. Chances are, you already know the necessary steps to get it into working order: a headgear, a circuit panel, and a power source. If you didn't know this, uh well, now you know. But if you insist on going through the necessary steps, <t>alk to Crazy Marcus and ask him about repairing the "Dream" Machine. He will tell you of a way to empathically communicate with the machine, who in turn will tell you what it needs to regain operation. In any case, the headgear is the pair you got from the Dream Machine room in Olympus. <U>se the headgear on the Dream Machine to install it. <D>rop the circuit board prepared for you by Edison into the panel socket and <u>se your multi-purpose wrench to screw it in. Finally, <u>se a big piece of radium you got from the Olympus Mines on the power
unit to give it power.

The Dream Machine is now in operation. To use it, sit in the chair and solo one of your party members to <u>se the panel (eg. hit '2' to solo the second member in your party.) After a short moment of disorientation, you will find yourself in the Hall of Dreams. Wow, is this cool or what?


Quest: To rescue the first group of Terrans from their nightmares.

The Terran spirits are trapped in nightmares; save them from themselves.

SW - Russian communism powerhouse Nikolai Lenin is looking for someone to evenly distribute a certain amount of money between his people. It's a simple job, collect all 253 bills and gem and divide it by 25. This gets you 10 R 3 and the gem. Divide the money as calculated. When this is done, you should have three bills and a gem left extra. <T>alk to Lenin and inform him you have finished the job. Answer his questions with communism ideals.

NW - George Washington Carver wants to personally witness the complete cycle of growing a Martian body. Unfortunately, a lot of starving worms around are eager to impede his progress and fill their stomach with the delicious pod. Without the proper weapon, it will be hard to keep those worms away from the pod. However, Carver does have something that will help you: 4 cans of worm repellent. <U>se them right on the pod whenever you see worms approaching. The pod should have no trouble growing to

NE - H.G. Wells needs some help getting rid of those invisible monsters which are dogging his every step. Pick up the dreamstuffs you see around you and <u>se them to create helpful things. Swallowing a purple berry will allow you to pick up unreachable dreamstuffs and goodies. If you search carefully, you should have no trouble finding a elephant gun and several shells for the weapon. Fight the invisible monsters with it.

SE - Louis Comfort Tiffany is having bullish nightmare: a menacing horned creature is trashing his delicate glassware into useless junk. Run away from your mom as far as you can until you fall off the ledge. Keep going downward (south) until you are transferred. <P>ick up the red rug and place it in your hand. <U>se the switch to open the door. Then <d>rop the rug through the door and wait for the bull to follow it. <U>se the switch again to close the door and trap the bull.

When you have freed all four spirits, stand in front of the SEE pillar and you will teleported to a part of the Dream Realm where Hellas Martian consciousness dwell.


Quest: To learn more about the history behind the lost Martian civilization and to grow a new plantae body for your new Martian friends.
Hint : Seek help from both Elysium colonists and Hellas Martians.

Hellas Martians trapped in the Dream Realm requests your help in creating a new body for them. <T>alk to everyone there and learn of the process. When you have learned all you can, wake up by <t>alking to yourself or kill yourself by walking upon the cactus grove. In the Hellas city, you will find a chamber with a metal door that has justed shut. <U>se oil on it to released the jammed door, within sits four live Martian seeds. <T>ake one with you and head to the local greenhouse. <U>se the shovel on the ground to dig a hole, then <d>rop the live Martian seed into it. <U>se the shovel on the dirt pile on the hole to plant the seed. If you don't have a bucket yet, you can find one in the greenhouse. Now go to one of the planet poles and dig yourself a block of ice; place it in a bucket. Return to Hellas. Finally, <u>se the bucket of water and the correct fertilizers (nitrogen, phosphate, potassium) on it. Now visit the growing pod every three days until it becomes ripe. <U>se a knife (preferably the Martian Ritual one, for a more dramatic effect) to cut the pod open to reveal a new unconscious Martian body. Doesn't it look lovely? Green, ripe, and natural... In any event, <t>ake the body to Elysium Dream Machine. Once again, activate the Dream Machine and teleport yourself into the Dream Realm. Inform Prektesh of your success and he will tell you that he has been selected for the experimental transfer. Exit the Dream Realm. <D>rop the body into the Dream Machine and <u>se the panel to initiate the ransference. Watch the process takes place and make realize a horrifying fact: the plague still lives in the Martian soil!


Quest: To rescue the second group of trapped Terrans from their nightmares.

Activate the Dream Machine once again. Inform the Hellas Martians of the Prektesh's passing and learn that the grovemate of Xaktsesh was working on a new Martian body before the Great Withdrawal into the Dream Realm took place. <T>alk to Xaktsesh, she will tell you that her husband's lab is located somewhere in the north pole and speculate on his success in the experiment. Wake up.

As the dying Prektesh instructed, take his lifeless body to the Elysium Martian leader Tekapesh to gain their trust. Tell Tekapesh that you can create a "better" body for them and he will release the access of the Elysium Dream Machine to you.

<U>se the Dream Machine.

NW - Wyatt Earp is lost somewhere in the Dream Realm... as a horse. Slay the proto-Martians, who are actually your companions in disguise. Afterwards, search through your friends' corpses and pick up the cash. Following the trail leads you to a horse auction. <T>alk to the auctioneer, your opposing bidder, and the horses to decide which fine horse you should bid on. Afterwards, outbid your opponent. <T>alking to the selected horse and let him know he is free. If you made the right choice, the horse will turn into Earp.

NE - Mark Twain is having trouble with his manuscript - a heartless gust of wind has scattered his pages throughout the milky way. Your mission: to collect 25 lost pages, form a book, and deposit it at the local mailbox. Collect the dreamstuffs and use them to create brown berries, eating them gives you the power to see the endless void blocks which are impassible and act as obstacles. Navigate the barge in the SE direction until you have collected 25 pages. <T>alk to Twain and he will make a manuscript out of them. Continue to navigate the barge until you reach a small isle with a mailbox on it. <U>se the manuscript on the mailbox.

SW - Geez, this looks mighty familiar - the walls are closing in on your and George Melies and the exit appears to be stuck! Oh no, whatever will you do? Go W, NW, NE, N, N, NE. Pick up the dreamstuff and <u>se it. Then go SW, S, SE, S, S and <u>se the created item on the door.

SE - Percival Lowell would like someone to officially confirm his discovery of the tenth planet in the Solar System. Pick up a pair of winged shoes and put them on. Then grab those Cupid's bow and arrows as well as the hand mirror. Shoot your arrows at the vicious canal worm to charm the bugger. From there, go S, SW, W, 34SW. <U>se the hand mirror to send Lowell a message via Morse code to let him know the success of your expedition.

Wake up.

<T>alk to Prektesh and get him to release the bodies to Terran control by saying "better."

Return to Olympus.


Quest: To restore the Martian naval transportation system.
Hint : Repair the three lens towers near the North Pole.

After having a pleasant chat with Perry about the water channel, he will relate to you about his recent trip to the North Pole and his discovery of the lens towers.

To repair the tower at 55N 125W, which is missing a functional lens, pick up the broken glass pieces near it and take it to Tiffany in Elysium. Armed with superglue and other minor 19th century scientific miracles, he will fix it for you. While you are here, <t>alk to Lowell to learn how the lens towers operate. (Note: you must do this or you won't be able to get the lens to focus properly.)

The tower at 59N 23W has a serious problem with weeds. Sorry, but no Orchan man will come to your rescue this time around, you will have to tackle the problem yourself. The job is fairly simple though, just pick up the weed sprayer in a crate near the 1893 landing site and load it with Killex Ultra and spray it all over the weed vines. Kill it dead within seconds, guaranteed. If you would like more specific instructions, have a chat with Mr. Carter.

The final tower at 55N 100E is missing a working motor. One quick visit to Dr. Edisen will solve the problem, the man is indeed a mechanical genius.

Head back toward the North Pole and install the missing components to their respective towers. Activate the panel and enter the proper time. Presto! Watch as gigantic blocks of glacial ice are melted away to refill the long dried-out channels.


Quest: To create a new metal body for the Martians.
Hint : Follow instructions given to you by the Martians carefully and you should have no problem.

Kaxishek lab at is now accessible to you. Go there and learn what Kaxishek has been successful in creating a body that is immune to the plague. <U>se a tiny chunk of radium on Cutter to recharge his battery and ask him to carve a heart stone out of the azurite gem you got from Hearst. <U>se the gem on the inert robot lying on the lab table. <T>ake the body with you and head back to Hellas. Go to the Dream Machine chamber and use it. <T>alk to Chsheket and tell her you have an new experimental body ready for transfer. Wake up. <D>rop the robot into the seat and activate the panel. Horray! The experiment appears to be a success!


Quest: To move a cart full of iron ore from Syrtis Mines to Olympus Mines.
Hint : Use the functional waterway to aid you.

With a functional water system, moving a cartload of iron ore from Syrtis to Olympus should prove considerably easier than before. Navigate one of the barges, preferably the Big One at Hellas, to the Syrtis Mine. At the Syrtis Mines entrance, push the central cart into the mines. If you have accidently shoved it into the channel (for fun or otherwise), don't panic. Use your barge to transfer one from the side tracks. Once inside, nudge it along until it reaches the turntable. Fasten the switch bar with a wrench; then turn the turntable with the tightened switch bar. Continue to move the cart along until it reaches the intersection. <U>se the miracle drill that saved your Britannian friends earlier on on a iron vein to produce some chunks of iron ore. <U>se the shovel to transfer the ore into the cart. Push the cart due south until it hits the dead end. Once again, <u>se your shovel to transfer the iron from the cart running north/south to the one you prepared earlier (running west/east). Now push the cart out of the mine and onto the barge. Navigate the boat to the entrance of the Olympus Mines. Wheel the cart into the mine. Again, fasten the turntable with a wrench if it is loose. Turn the turntable. Push the cart until it reaches the space cannon construction site. <T>alk to Carnegie and relate to him of your success in transferring the ore.


Quest: To figure out who stole the phlogistonite cannisters and gather hard evidence that will allow you to pinpoint the criminal.
Hint : Investigator extroadinare Roosevelt is hot on the case.

Carnegie tells you to get the phlogistonite cannisters from the 1893 space bullet, as they are an essential ingredient to completing the space cannon project.

To your dismay, you discover the cannisters have been stolen from the space capsule. Fortunately, the culprit left something behind in his/her hasty retreat. <L>ook at the broken strap; Spector will interrupt your examination and recommend you to inform Carnegie of the theft. The steel tycoon will direct you to Roosevelt after you show the "strap" to him. <T>alk to Roosevelt and tell him you have found a "clue". He will ask to see it, but before he can do a thorough examination, he will need the
assistance of a microscope. Get it from the greenhouse in Hellas (where Marcus is living).

Back in Olympus, <t>alk to Roosevelt and hand over the microscope and the strap. From them, Roosevelt will deduct that Rasputin is the person behind the crime. You will have to go to Argyre to arrest him.


Quest: To find a way to make the metal Martian body look more human.
Hint : Sarah Bernhardt knows cosmetics.

The French actress requires some berries to create her makeup for Chsheket. Unfortunately, the special strand of rouge berries she is looking for can only be found at the Argyre Planitia; if you have ever visited there, you will know that the two entrances to the city are sealed off by a pair of sturdy gates.

According to Chsheket, with the proper material installed on one of the barge cannons, the gates of Argyre could be penetrated. If you navigate the barge at 4S 9W into the canal spur east of the Argyre east gate and fire its weapon at it, you will know what the problem is: the cannonballs are too soft. Go to the Olympus Mines and ask Carnegie to build new "cannonballs" for you. He will be unable to create conventional lead cannonballs, but the steel ones he gives you will do just fine. Afterward, go back to Argyre and load up the barge cannon with the new ammo (<u>se the cannonballs on the cannon). Maneuver the barge into firing position if you haven't already done so. <U>se the cannon; two direct hits on the gate should bring it crashing down.

Walk inside and speak with everyone, including the notorious Raxachk (Rasputin) and his unwitting aid Emma Goldman. Afterward, gather a couple of rouge berries and stuff them into your pockets. Go back to Olympus. Give the berries to Bernhardt (by saying "berries") and she will create the pigment you require. Now go to the pumping station's spraying chamber. <U>se the rubber you find in the room as well as the pigment jar on the sprayer system. Solo Chsheket and let her stand in it; activate the panel. Warning: the result is stunning and may be inappropriate for minors. Parental discretion is advised.


Quest: Do what an Avatar does best: getting everyone to work towards a common goal.

Return to Olympus and <t>alk to Segal, who will agree to rally his people to create new metal bodies for the remaining Martians. He will also recommend you to confront Raxachk about the theft of phlogistonite cannisters. That seems like the logical thing to do, so pack up your bags and travel to Argyre.

Speak with Emma Goldman to learn about Raxachk's hasty retreat into the Dream Realm and his plan to destroy Mars. Activate the Dream Machine and prepare for your final challenge.


Quest: Completing the game by defeating the evil Raxachk and his spectral minions.
Hint : Dreamstuff is the key to your success.

As if seeing your Britannian friends wasn't enough, even your arch-nemeses from the past decide to drop by to say hello. The three Shadowlords are back, and while their powers aren't what they used to be, the twin brothers and their sister are devious and full of tricks. Thankfully, their obstacles shall prove no match for your superior
intellect and undying dedication to the Virtues.

The first of the threesome you will do battle against is Faulinei of Falsehood. Uttering the word "test" will initiate a test of wit. The solution is fairly simple: <m>ove the mirror between the two Spectors to reveal the imposter. Accuse the false doctor (Shartek) of being a "liar" and the real Spector will open the door for you.

The second challenge will be bestowed upon you by Astaroth of Hatred. Again, "test" is the keyword here. Gather up all the dreamstuffs you come across and <u>se them. One of the items created will allow you to cure the remedy of the heavily-wounded Martian Tarpch. <U>se the medicine on him to demonstrate compassion.

The third and final obstacle is given to you by the sister of Faulinei and Astaroth - Nosfentor of Cowardice. Her "test" is probably the simplest of the three. Simply walk north until you come upon your Britannian friends, ignore Basichk and Shikach, for they will simply try to distract you from the path of Virtues. Pick up the dreamstuff just
before you reach the monster and <u>se it to create a weapon. Arm it and go to your dying friends' aid (what did I tell you, those two will never learn...)

Ah, you are finally here. The evil Raxachk has nowhere to run and is trapped in a prison of his own construct. He knows this despite his show of confidence. Prove him right. Confront Raxachk about his crime, and he will challenge you to three combats to "entertain" him. Agree to it.

The first test consists of killing a group of jumping beans. Once again, grab and <u>se all the dreamstuffs available to you. Attack with the created weapon to eliminate the bouncing vermin. Don't worry about dying, you will always be resurrected right next to Raxachk's quarters and given another chance to try again.

In the second combat scenario, you are up against the vicious ammonoids. Pick up all the dreamstuffs and <u>se them. Destroy the horde with the best weapon in your inventory.

The final test is the most difficult, but you can make it less daunting by keeping your steps to the surrounding white squares. <U>se your purple berries (should be in your inventory if you picked up and used all the dreamstuffs in the previous combats) to give you telekinetic powers. <T>ake and <u>se all the dreamstuffs on the ground. Arm yourself with the new weapon. Look for the square where a giant maw might be hiding and fire at it. Once found, keep on shooting until there is nothing left but bloody remains. Alteratively, you can walk towards the middle of the ground and wait until the monster pops out of the soil to attack you; fight back with your new choice weapon.

After conquering the three tests, you now have what it takes to defeat Raxachk. <U>se the berries to help you defeat the evil villain; red to gain spatial location of your surroundings, green for object empathy, and purple for telekinesis. <U>se the switch to open the door. <D>rop all unneeded items from your inventory and pick up a whole bunch of dreamstuffs by <u>sing the dreamstuff hoard. Make sure you don't overload your inventory or you might lose a creation when using the dreamstuffs. <U>se the dream crystals until you conjure up a weapon of great power. It will be fairly evident which one it is. <A>ttack Mr. Foozle with it and witness his descent into the restless arms of Ms. Death.


It's time to bid farewell to the "dying" planet. Straddle up those phlogistonite cannisters and carry them to Olympus Mines, where both the Terran leaders and Martians are waiting for you. Carnegie will outfit the new space bullet with the cannisters and you are on your way back to Earth. Congratulations, you have fulfilled your destiny on Mars! Cherish this moment because you won't be having another adventure for another 190 years or so! :)


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