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The Mystic from Yew says:

I am surprised by how infrequent the term "filial piety" is used in the English language...
You only need two things to succeed in life: your health and a strong family.

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Welcome to Aubrey's Adobe, hope you will have an enjoyable stay here.

Wing Commander If you are a Wing Commander fan, please enter the shuttle aboard the decrepit TCS Victory and jump yourself to a more technically advanced carrier.

Ultima If you are an Ultima fan, please travel the path that would lead you to Britannia, the Land of Virtues.

Tenchi Muyo! & Pretty Samy If you are an anime fan (more specifically, a Tenchi Muyo! fan), please magically teleport yourself to the Samy Land and pay homage to Pretty Samy, who will then guide you through the enchanting universe known as Tenchi Muyo!

Graffiti If you are a Sentimental Graffiti fan, open that envelope and enter a world of modern day high school romance.

Ranma 1/2 If you are a Ranma 1/2 fan... sorry, that path has yet to be opened.

If you wandered in here aimlessly and don't know what I just said but want to learn more about them, please check out the What Are These? page.

If you are bored and have nothing better to do in life and want to read something about the boring guy living in this equally boring adobe, take a look at my Personal Profile. If, after reading it, you wish to scream or shout at the guy, please feel free to drop a e-mail in my mailbox. If you want to borrow the logo at the top of this page, take it and don't mail me about it.

If you find nothing here of interest to you, say YAHOO! to find a place more suitable to your needs.

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