Saturn 3

Year: 1980

Production: Transcontinental

Director: Stanley Donen

Starring: Farrah Fawcett, Kirk Douglas, Harvey Keitel, Douglas Lambert

Screenwriter: Martin Amis

From a story by John Barry. Novelization (1980) by Steve Gallagher

88 minutes; Color

With a good director like Donen and a screenplay by Amis, it is difficult to see how so obscene and silly and an exploitation movie could come to be. Douglas and Fawcett play the couple alternating romping in bed with working on a hydroponics project, designed to feed millions, situated for no logical reason on Titan, moon of Saturn. Unbalanced Benson (Keitel) arrives disguised as a legitimate researcher and builds an equally unstable robot which spends most of the rest of the film tearing apart living creatures (including people) and groping lasciviously at Fawcett. This is the second film after Demon Seed (1977) to feature an amorous, unbalanced AI, a notion more Gothic than scientific.

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