Time Runner

Year: 1993

Production: Cinemax

Director: Michael Mazo

Starring: Mark Hamill, Rae Dawn Chong, Brion James, Marc Baur, Gordon Tipple, Allen Forget, Barry W. Levy

Screenwriter: Michael Mazo, John Curtis, Chris Hyde, Greg Derochie, Ron Tarrant, Ian Bray

90 minutes; Color

A convoluted action movie, this aims for The Terminator (1984) but falls nearer British teleseries Blake's 7. Future space jockey hero Hamill, still trading on his Luke Skywalker image, is zapped to the present during an alien invasion only to find advance scouts of the extra-terrestrial nasties have already infiltrated the US government. With turncoat spacelady Chong, Hamill flees from a bleached blond assassin and tries to protect his pregnant mother from killers so he can be safely born and save the world. Given that presidential candidate James is named John Neila (spell it backwards), it takes a surprisingly long time for supposed genius Hamill to spot him as the villain. With six credited writers and plot holes you could teleport a space shuttle through, this is lively but dull.

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