Creation of the Humanoids

Year: 1962

Production: Genie Productions

Director: Wesley E. Barry

Starring: Don Megowan, Frances McCann, Erica Elliott, Don Doolittle

Screenwriter: Jay Simms

75 minutes; Color

This interesting film, one of the first to deal sympathetically with machines being mistreated by humans, is badly let down by Simms' over-talkative script. In the post WWIII world, man has rebuilt his cities with the help of sophisticated robots called Clickers, who appear human and have electronic brains and stable emotions. Their increasing demands for equality are given added weight by the fact that the majority of the human race were killed in the war and most of the remaining survivors are sterile. Scientist Megowan, who is sympathetic to the robots' demands, give them blood transfusions in the hope of making them fertile. The climax has Megowan failing but then discovering that he too is a robot, but an advanced model that is capable of procreation.

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