Year: 1989

Production: Entertainment Film Productions

Director: Steven M. Lisberger

Starring: Bill Paxton, Bob Peck, Mark Hamill, Kitty Aldridge, Eleanor David, F. Murray Abraham, Ben Kingsley, Robbie Coltrane, Roshan Seth

Screenwriter: Tony Kayden

Based on a story by Bill Bauer

92 minutes; Color

Unspecified ecological rape has led to great earthquakes and geological changes all over the world. A strong, constant "river" of wind, the Slipstream, blows always in one direction across a scarred landscape which confusingly alternates between scenes shot in Yorkshire and in Turkey. Eccentric remnants of civilization presist in isolated pockets; transport is, inexplicably, by microlight aircraft. A supposedly criminal android (Peck) is hunted by a psychotic cop (Hamill) and protected by a young bounty hunter (Paxton). The post-holocaust scenario is intriguing, the execution is dreadful. Kurtz, who produced Star Wars (1977), was attempting a comeback here, along with Star Wars star Hamill; both failed. A few powerful moments focus on Peck's intelligent performance as the Christ-like healer-android. Lisberger's previous sf film, Tron (1982). was not bad, and one can only wonder why this apparently promising project suffered from murky photography, confused editing and an incoherent and pretentious script.

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