Split Second

Year: 1992

Production: Challenge

Director: Tony Maylam

Starring: Rutger Hauer, Kim Cattrall, Neil Duncan, Michael J. Pollard, Peter Postlethwaite, Ian Drury

Screenwriter: Gary Scott Thompson

90 minutes; Color

London, AD2008. The Thames has risen, society is crumbling and the Metropolitan Police employ psychopaths, including Hauer, to track serial killers. Global warming has clearly also had an effect on the atoms that bind together plots, because this slasher movie has an almost random approach to its traditional story. Inexplicable events, disappearing characters, logical lapses and downright silliness tumble together. Coffee-drinking hard-man Hauer and comics-reading Scots intellectual Duncan are brawling buddy cops on the trail of a heart-eating villain who carves astrological symbols on what's left of the chests of his victims. Various solutions are raised, involving mutant DNA and the Devil, but the killer turns out to be a regulation Alien-imitation Big Monster With Teeth who gets righteously splattered in a tube train-set finale (directed by Ian Sharp).

Mostly directed at a rapid plod by Tony Maylam, the film consists mainly of characters colliding in the middle of the screen to snarl would-be hard-bitten dialog at each other. As a video trash action picture, this at least offers up all the requisite chewed hearts, naked people, big guns and monsters. Hauer tries to look cool in sunglasses that can hardly be much help in the murksome world of the future, while Duncan's enthusiastic performance accounts for the sole touch of character and humor.

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