No Blade of Grass

Year: 1970

Production: Symbol / MGM

Director: Cornel Wilde

Starring: Nigel Davenport, Jean Wallace, John Hamill, Lynne Frederick, Patrick Holt, Anthony May

Screenwriter: Sean Forestal, Jefferson Pascal

Based on The Death of Grass (1956) by John Christopher

97 minutes; Color

Cereal crops all die and society breaks down. A family journeys across chaotic England, battling armed groups of marauders who are searching for food, and reach sanctuary in the Lake District. Wilde had previously dealt well with the stripping away of civilized instincts in The Naked Prey (1966), so this story must have attracted him, but No Blade of Grass has an amateurish quality, reinforced by poor acting, though the depiction of anarchy is zestful. The film is disjointed, partly due to drastic cutting before release.

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