Forbidden World

Year: 1982

Production: New World

Director: Allan Holzman

Starring: Jesse Vint, June Chadwick, Dawn Dunlap, Linden Chiles, Fox Harris, Raymond Oliver

Screenwriter: Tim Curnen

86 minutes; Color

This cheap imitation of Alien (1979), from Roger Corman's New World exploitation factory, is distinguished by its gleefully sleazy nature and amusing cynicism. An outer-space troubleshooter (Vint) is awakened from cryo-sleep (cryonics), casually informed that he is now younger than his son, and dispatched to a remote planet where a genetically engineered organism has run amok. Although generally predictable, this fast-paced and does produce one astonishing coup by having its monster, which replicates the cell structure of anything it devours, defeated when a terminally ill scientist feeds it own cancerous liver, an organ he has removed during anaesthetic-free self-surgery. Vint's grimy hero imports a bit of welcome humor, and the film makes good use of the generically required exploitation elements, intercutting a formulaic sex scene with oddly poignant vignettes of the space-station staff whiling away the time at the end of the Universe. Some of Forbidden World's sets and effects crop again in Android (1982).

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