Year: 1951

Production: Columbia

Director: Arch Oboler

Starring: Susan Douglas, William Phipps, James Anderson, Charles Lampkin, Earl Lee

Screenwriter: Arch Oboler

93 minutes, cut to 89 minutes; B/W

The first "after the bomb" film, Five concerns five US survivors - a mountaineer, a pregnant girl, a token Black, a cashier and an adventurer. This is a gloomy art film with low-budget, grainy photography, a scientifically bogus explanation for the five's survival, much talkingm a racial murder and two deaths from radiation, but the theme itself retains some power. Oboler had worked extensively in radio before entering the film industry in 1945 with Strange Holidays and Bewitched, both based on his own radio plays. Five is basically a sermon against the prejudices and insanities that may lead to atomic war.

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