Year: 1976

Production: Cine Artists

Director: Ralph Nelson

Starring: Rock Hudson, Diane Ladd, Barbara Carrera, Roddy McDowall, Ann Schedeen, John Elerick

Screenwriter: Anita Doohan, Jack W. Thomas

Based on a story by Jack W. Thomas. Novelization (1976) by Louis Charbonneau

108 minutes; Color

In this variation on the Frankenstein theme, a scientist (Hudson), while experimenting on a premature foetus with a growth hormone, creates in weeks a fully developed 25-year-old woman (Carrera). She has a virtually blank mind, and the scientist, like Pygmalion, moulds her personality and introduces her into society. The result is an intelligent but morally crippled creature whom he ultimately destroys. Despite its modern hardware, the film is really a rewoking of the old Gothic theme - as in the German silent films Homunculus (1916) and Alraune (1928) - about the basic evil of beings who are created by unnatural means and are therefore without souls. It is not a good film.

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