Year: 1987

Production: Amblin / Warner Bros.

Director: Joe Dante

Starring: Dennis Quaid, Martin Short, Kevin McCarthy, Fiona Lewis, Meg Ryan

Screenwriter: Jeffery Boam, Chip Proser

Based on a story by Chip Proser

120 minutes; Color

In this parody of Fantastic Voyage (1966), tough test pilot Tuck (Quaid) is accidentally injected into feeble Jack (Short) while in a miniaturized state. Tuck, though tiny, can to a degree control Jack. In a confused and sometimes unfunny plot, villainous industrial spies pursue a microchip McGuffin and a miniaturized killer is also injected into Jack. Adventures happen. All Dante's films have delightful moments, but this, an attempt to make good commercially after the debacle of Explorers (1985), seems oddly impersonal while at the same time trying too hard. The inside-the-body effects are good. The technical adviser on the movie was Gentry Lee.

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