Fantastic Voyage

Year: 1966

Production: 20th Century-Fox

Director: Richard Fleischer

Starring: Stephen Boyd, Raquel Welch, Edmund O'brien, Donald Pleasence

Screenwriter: Harry Kleiner

Based on a story by Otto Clement and J.Lewis (i.e., Jerome) Bixby. Novelization (1966) by Issac Asimov

100 minutes; Color

A submarine and its crew of medical experts - plus a double-agent saboteur (Pleasence) - are miniaturized and injected into the bloodstream of an important scientist in order to remove by laser a blood-clot from his brain. In the finale - a race to escape before they revert full size while still inside the body - they exit via a tear duct with only seconds to spare. The special effects by L.B. Abbott, Art Cruicks Freudian reverberations, and many people will prefer Walas' emphasis on the corruption of an external agency (Industry) to Cronenberg's emphasis on the tragic divisions of the Self.

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