The Quiet Earth

Year: 1985

Production: Cinepro / Pillsbury

Director: Geoff Murphy

Starring: Bruno Lawrence, Alison Routledge, Peter Smith

Screenwriter: Bill Baer, Bruno Lawrence, Sam Pillsbury

Based on The Quiet Earth (1981) by Craig Harrison

91 minutes; Color

This New Zealand film tells of a scientific/metaphysical disaster, perhaps consequent upon a secret project in energy transmission, in which all people disappear from the Earth except those who coincidentally die at the moment of the disaster: these are resurrected. A guilt-ridden scientist plays a solitary games in a deserted city; he meets a woman survivor and then a tough Maori, with the usual male rivalry ensuing. The scientist realizes the fabric of the Universe has become unstable and tries to put it right, with interesting results. A small, low-key, honest film, suffering from a derivative storyline and rather pedestrian direction and performances.

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