Year: 1987

Production: Amercent / American Entertainment / 20th Century Fox

Director: John McTiernan

Starring: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Carl Weathers, Elpidia Carrillo, Bill Duke

Screenwriter: Jim Thomas, John Thomas

106 minutes; Color

A special-force group undertaking a commando-style rescue mission in South America clashes bloodily with guerrillas and then very much more bloodily with the Predator: an intelligent alien that can bend light to make itself almost invisible. The alien picks them off one by one, losing only to the Schwarzenegger character, by now reduced to primitive combat. The blend of the jungle-warfare (or Vietnam) scenario with the alien-invasion genre is potentially interesting, but the treatment follows a wholly predictable pattern. Moreover on the evidence presented, the alien should have won. The sequel is Predator 2 (1990).

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