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The ultimate solution for those living abroad. Eltmate provides the platform where foreign residents help each other out. We provide a wide range of services, from discussion boards to solution archives to dedicated mentor service. These services are fully free, all we ask in return is to help others in the same fasion.

About Us


We interviewed foreign students in National Taiwan University of diverse backgrounds. Contrary to our expectation, basic communication often isn't the problem, but rather difficulties in school and lifestyles.

Based on the interviews, we focus on facilitating connections between people with similar backgrounds (nationality) and similar enviornments (city and school), in addition to the original focus on language learning.

PoV & Experience Prototypes

Once our target was set, we shifted our attention to how we could deliver the intended effects and avoid relying on assumptions. To maximize the diversity of ideas, each member of out team drew a prototype on their own, then discuss each other's ideas, highlighting unexpected features and revealing unwarrented assumptions.

The individual prototypes are then merged into one that, hopefully, keeps all the pros but without the cons. We then devised scenarios in which our product may be used, and adjust the design accordingly.

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