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2017-07-10[2017-07-20] Dr. Yu-Han Chen, MIT CSAIL,” Interactive Object Recognition and Search over Mobile Video + My Experience of Studying Abroad”678
2017-07-10[2017-07-11] Dr. Ansel Teng, " Bitcoin and Blockchain - the Disruptive Technology to the Future of Financial Services”667
2017-07-05[2017-07-05] Prof. William Cleveland, Purdue University, " Data Science: Divide and Recombine (D&R)”710
2017-07-04[2017-07-04] Dr. Wei-Ying Ma, Vice President of Toutiao,” Building a New AI-Powered Information Platform: Introduction of Toutiao and Its Newly Established AI Lab”711
2017-07-03[2017-08-08] Prof. Brian A. Barsky,University of California Berkeley, "Human Visual Sytem and Vergence-Accommodation Conflict Resolution"649
2017-06-23[2017-06-26] Dr. Ming-Wei Chang, Microsoft,"Learning Dynamic Neural Semantic Parsers with Implicit Supervision Signals"660
2017-06-15[2017-07-07] Prof. Xiaoning Qian, Texas A&M University, “Lost in Data – Finding the Way Out”559
2017-06-13 [2017-06-21] Prof. SEAH, Khoon Guan Winston , Victoria University of Wellington, "Making Sense out of IoT Non-Sense"528
2017-04-27[2017-05-02] Dr. Qi Bi,中國電信, ”對成功之路的觀察和體會”620
2017-02-15[2017.02.21]Prof.C.-C. Jay Kuo,University of Southern California, "Deep Learning Networks – Architectural Evolution and Theoretical Foundation"651
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