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2011-09-09【2011-09-14】Dr.pankra (arlsruhe Institute of Technology,Germany)"Automatic Performance Tuning for Multicore Applications "3237
2011-07-12【2011-07-15】Prof. Leow Wee Kheng (National University of Singapore), Matching and Tracking of Structural Keypoints of Coronary Arteries in Angiogram Sequence3203
2011-07-05【2011-07-08】Prof. Kuang-Ching Wang, (Clemson University, Clemson), "Towards a Software Defined Architecture for Machine-to-machine Communication in the Future Internet: A GENI Perspective"3199
2011-06-24【2011-07-01】Prof. John Yen, (The Pennsylvania State University), "Event-based Multi-dimensional Social Network Analysis and Health-related Online Communities"3175
2011-06-21【2011-06-22】Dr. Ken Lueh, (Intel Principle Engineer), "C-for-Media: High-Level Programming Environment for Efficient Utilization of Intel Processor-GPU"2938
2011-05-31【2011-06-03】Prof. Yung-Hsiang Lu (Purdue University), "Mobile Cloud Computing: Opportunities, Technologies, and Challenges"2955
2011-05-24【2011-06-22】Prof. James Ting-Ho Lo (University of Maryland Baltimore County), "A Cortex-Like Learning Machine for Temporal Hierarchical Pattern Clustering, Detection, and Recognition"2112
2011-05-16【2011-05-18】Godson-T: A High-Efficient Many-Core Architecture for Parallel Program 2007
2011-01-10【2011-01-20】Cyber Situation Awareness and Threat Anticipation3183
2010-12-25【2011-01-06】Vision Realistic Rendering2788
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