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2019-04-22[2019-05-03] Dr. Rachata Ausavarungnirun, Carnegie Mellon University, "High-performance Memory Hierarchy Design for Throughput Processors"157
2019-04-10[2019-04-19] 王城聰科長、溫鈺瑋助理襄理, 玉山銀行, "智能金融@玉山-AI Inside, Human Outside"167
2019-04-09[2019-04-26] 張明智總經理, QNAP, " QNAP在從雲端到邊緣運算,再到智能應用的經驗分享"187
2019-04-08[2019-04-12] Prof. Min-Chun Hu, National Cheng Kung University, "Strengthen Your Tactical Nous with Computer Vision and Virtual Reality"156
2019-03-20[2019-03-29] Dr. Khan Md. Anwarus Salam, Cinnamon, "Machine Translation using Ontology"; Dr. Hajime Hotta, Cinnamom, “AI Trend: A Startup and VC point of view”200
2019-03-18[2019-04-19] Prof. Michael R. Lyu(呂榮聰), The Chinese University of Hong Kong, "Intelligent ‘Software Reliability Engineering’ and ‘Intelligent Software’ Reliability Engineering"180
2019-03-15[2019-03-29] Dr. Khan Md. Anwarus Salam, Cinnamon, "Machine Translation using Ontology"(English Speech)189
2019-03-15[2019-03-29] Prof. Lung-Pan Cheng, National Taiwan University, "Human Actuation"195
2019-03-11[2019-03-22] Prof. Chen-Fu Chien, National Tsinghua University, "Industry 3.5 as a hybrid strategy for Taiwan manufacturing via disruptive innovations empowered by AI & big data analytics"193
2019-03-08[2019-04-15] Prof. Lin Cai, University of Victoria, "Multi-hop wireless pipeline powering Internet of Things"164
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