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2020-03-09[2020-03-13] Mr. Masashi Nishihata, University of Toronto, "Censored Contagion: How Information on the Coronavirus is Managed on Chinese Social Media"(English Speech)504
2020-03-03[2020-03-13] Prof. Shang-Tse Chen, National Taiwan University, "AI-infused Security: Robust Defense by Bridging Theory and Practice"(English Speech)3604
2020-03-03[2020-03-27] Prof. Pai H. Chou, National Tsing Hua University, "IoT for Enabling Precision Medicine"3254
2020-02-27[2020-03-06] Dr. Chu-Song Chen, Academia Sinica, "Construction of compact features for efficient image retrieval and continual learning of deep models"2026
2020-02-20[2020-02-26] Dr. Shuo-Han Chen(陳碩漢), Academia Sinica, "One-Memory Computer System: When the Line Between Main Memory and Storage is Blurred via NVRAM"434
2020-02-05[2020-03-20] 陳大猷先生, 群暉科技, "Synology C2 Hybrid Share: Developing a large-scale cloud solution"428
2019-12-27[2020-01-07] Prof. Jia-Bin Huang, Virginia Tech, "Learning to Generalize"457
2019-12-27[2020-01-03] Mr. Shih-Wei Li, Columbia University, "Cloud Virtual Machine Security and Arm based Virtualization Systems"264
2019-12-23[2020-01-03] Prof. Ye-In Chang, National Sun Yat-Sen University, "Patients and Doctors Together to Discover Medical Knowledge with Statistics and Classification: of Patients, by Patients and for Patients"252
2019-12-23[2020-01-07] Prof. Eunsuk Kang, Carnegie Mellon University, "Towards Secure and Resilient Cyber-Physical Systems by Design"220
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