【2011-12-22】Mr. Dave Wu, "Android手機應用程式的進步與發展"

Poster:Post date:2011-12-15
Title: Android手機應用程式的進步與發展
Speaker: Mr. Dave Wu (HTC)

Time: 9:30-12:00, Dec.22 (Thur), 2011
Place: Room 101, CSIE Building


Observing the tremendous growth in terms of both device quantity and monetizing sales, software developers realize the importance and opportunities in the mobile space. Regardless of which metric you use to measure its success, Android, in particular, has well established itself as one of the leading platforms in that space. The fact that Android as an open platform allows for innovations at every level of its software stack is also exciting for the academia.  Robotics, natural language processing, embedded systems, ubiquitous and context-aware applications are just some areas of research that can really benefit from Android.

This talk aims to provide a technical overview of what it is like to write software applications on Android. We will discuss framework APIs for building an application, tips and tricks to avoid common istakes, and tools for developing and testing.

David Wu is a senior engineer at HTC. He works on the social network team for HTC Sense, responsible for adding "social touches" to the overall user experience.  He is one of the core developers behind HTC Friend Stream.

In his free time he is also an active participant in the free software community in Taiwan.  He is a regular at both the Taipei Open Source Software User Group <http://www.tossug.org/> and Hacking Thursday <http://www.hackingthursday.org/>.

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