[2020-01-03] Prof. Lydia Y. Chen, Delft University of Technology, "Machine Learning for Resource Management"

Poster:Post date:2019-12-23
Title: Machine Learning for Resource Management
Date: 2020-01-03 10:30am-11:30am
Location: R111, CSIE
Speaker: Prof. Lydia Y. Chen, Delft University of Technology
Hosted by: Prof. Ai-Chun Pang


The practice of collecting big performance data has changed how infrastructure providers model and manage the system in the past decade. There is a methodology shift from domain-knowledge based models, e.g., queueing and simulation, to data-driven models, e.g., machine learning. I will present such a game change for resource management from workload characterization, dependability prediction to sprinting policy, with examples from IBM datacenters. I will conclude the talk with future directions of performance models and challenging resource management problems in machine learning clusters.
Lydia Y. Chen is an Associate Professor in the Department of Computer Science at the Delft University of Technology. Prior to joining TU Delft, she was a research staff member at the IBM Zurich Research Lab from 2007 to 2018. Her research interests center around dependability management, machine learning systems, and resource management for large scale AI systems.
She has published more than 100 papers in journals and conference proceedings, e.g., INFOCOM, SIGMETRICS, DSN and EUROSYS. She was a co-recipient of the best paper awards CCgrid15, and eEnergy15. She received a prestigious TU Delft technology fellowship in 2018. She was program co-chair for Middleware Industry Track 2017, and IEEE ICAC 2019, and track vice-chair for ICDCS 2018. She has served on the editorial boards of IEEE Transaction on Distributed Parallel Systems, IEEE Transactions on Service Computing, and IEEE Transactions on Network and Service Management. She is a Senior Member of IEEE.

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