【2010-12-13】Analyzing and exploiting the semantic structures in a broadcast video archive

Poster:Post date:2010-12-07

Title: Analyzing and exploiting the semantic structures in a broadcast video archive
Speaker: Dr. Ichiro Ide
(Nagoya University, Japan / University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
Time: 11:00-12:00AM,Monday, 2010/12/13
Place: Room 210, CSIE Building


Recently, a large amount of video data could be stored online thanks to the advancement in digital storage technologies. At NII, Japan, we have built a broadcast video archive named NII TV-RECS that could automatically record and store all seven terrestrial TV channels broadcast in Tokyo for the past several months. In this talk, I will introduce several works that aim to analyze, retrieve, and visualize various semantic structures in the archive; appearance patterns of near-duplicate video segments, cross-lingual news story retrieval based on near-duplicate video segments, and topic thread retrieval in a news video archive. In addition, I will also introduce the idea and preliminary attempts on an on-going work that aims to recompile video clips into a new video content based on the semantic structures.

Dr. Ide received his Ph.D. in 2000 from the University of Tokyo, Japan. He has worked as an Assistant Professor at the National Institute of Informatics, Tokyo, Japan, during 2000 and 2004. He is currently an Associate Professor at Nagoya University, Japan, and a Senior Visiting Researcher at University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands until next March. He has been working on the analysis, indexing, and structuring of various kinds of video data including news, cooking, and sports shows, video streams obtained from mobile-phone, in- vehicle and surveillance cameras. He has served in various program committees for conferences such as ACMMM (2008-2010), ICME (2009-2010), and CIVR (2004-2010), and also in organizing committees of conferences such as PCM (2004), MMM (2008), and ACMMM (2012).

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