[2018-12-10] Mr. Yohei Oka and Mr. Jim Huang, Quantstamp, "Development of Secure Smart Contracts"

Poster:Post date:2018-12-07
Title: Development of Secure Smart Contracts 
Date: 2018-12-10 6:30pm-7:30pm
Location: R104, CSIE
Speaker: Mr. Yohei Oka and Mr. Jim Huang, Quantstamp
Hosted by: Prof. Shih-wei Liao
The need for security professionals to take a deep look at a smart contract system prior to going live on mainnet has become painfully clear. How many people are actually familiar with preparing for this process? In this talk, we will review famous hacks that have happened on Ethereum, discuss ways to mitigate the risk of these attacks, and walk through the process of preparing for and conducting a rigourous audit.

Yohei (Forward Deployed Engineer, Quantstamp) is a full stack engineer with experience working at both startups and larger tech companies. Most recently, Yohei was in Seattle working on Amazon Go. Yohei has a bachelor in Computer Science from Harvard University.
Jim Huang is a Professor at National Cheng Kung University.
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