[2018-10-15] Huang CC, Progressing Today, "Blockchain DApp Introduction - Make a blockchain “SCAM” game"

Poster:Post date:2018-10-15
Title: Blockchain DApp Introduction - Make a blockchain “SCAM” game
Date: 2018-10-15 6:00pm-6:30pm
Location: R104, CSIE
Speaker: Huang CC (西西), Progressing Today Co., Ltd(微進科技有限公司)
Hosted by: Prof. Shih-wei Liao


2018 is a year of blockchain game. When players find that the blockchain application and ICO dreams are gradually unfeasible and broken, they begin to shift their eyes to an emerging industry: DApp games.
This short talk will take you to a blockchain game Fomo3D in 45 minutes. Through the general direction, you will learn about the architecture of the blockchain game, how it is composed, and what you should pay attention to when playing DApp.
Due to the highly transparent of the blockchain, “Fomo” has caused many games to become a selling point, inviting you to play this fun and condolence game!

Huang CC (西西), founded Progressing Today Co., Ltd(微進科技有限公司) in 2017. Committed to development of blockchain scalability technology and decentralized systems, the user experience is enhanced through the off-chain technology, and the system remains private and transparent like on-chain.
Recent status:
* Launched Chicken Park DApp game and raised 130 ETH in 18 hours
* Launched Pig World gaming platform - Sic Bo game single day betting 5 ETH
* Invited to Hong Kong Rise 2018
* App Works #17 Startup Accelerated Blockchain Team
* Cooperate with Ethereum Community Fund to launch a "Ethereum Smart Contract" Course at Hahow platform

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