【2010-09-24】HTC Magic Lab:When Quietly Brilliant Mobility Meets NTU

Poster:Post date:2010-09-21

Title: When Quietly Brilliant Mobility Meets NTU
Speaker: HTC Magic Lab
Time: 2:20pm, Sep 24 (Fri), 2010
Place: Room 103, CSIE Building


TOPIC: When Quietly Brilliant Mobility Meets NTU

i.        Introduction (15)

                          1.                Smart mobile device market & trend

                          2.                HTC

                          3.                HTC MAGIC Labs

                          4.                The Joint Laboratory of HTC MAGIC Labs and NTU’s College of EECS

                          5.                Programs of the Joint Laboratory

ii.      Innovative mobile technologies and future research directions (45)

                          1.                Mobile HCI

                          2.                Mobile Multimedia

                          3.                Mobile 3D Graphics

                          4.                Mobile Connectivity

                          5.                Mobile Security

                          6.                Mobile Radio System

iii.    Q&A (5)

iv.    Lottery (5)

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