Job titleNameResponsibilitiesExtension
Teaching AssistantYa-Lin Chen * Graduate academic affairs
* Graduate school admissions
* Graduate school exams and oral defense
* Industrial Technology R&D Master Program related affairs
* Graduate students affairs
* Graduate student thesis award applications
* Graduate grant applications
* Other graduate program-related affairs
* Other departmental affairs
資深專員Ms Yáng, Yún-zhĭ * Recruitment and arrangement for Information System Training Program courses
* Information System Training Program course-related affairs
* Information System Training Program course communication and announcement
* Document processing
* Other departmental affairs
資深專員Ms Yi-Hsien, Su * CS Division-related affairs
* Divisional and CSIE committee meeting contacts
* Project communication and integration
* Faculty promotion and employment
* Faculty and staff recruitment
* Applications for faculty and staff car parking permits
* Young scholar research award applications
* Department document and archive management (Hé Huì-jūn)
* Committee selections
* Department regulations
* Student affairs
* Other departmental affairs
資深專員Ms Zhōu Chéng-Mǎn (Ms Cheng-Man Chou) * CSIE faculty teaching hours calculations
* Selection of CS Division Outstanding Teachers
* CSIE tutor fees calculations
* Undergraduate academic affairs
* Undergraduate admissions
* Undergraduate student affairs
* CSIE high school promotions
* Student incentive records
* Undergraduate grant applications
* Other undergraduate program-related affairs
* Other departmental affairs
行政組員Ms Hé, Huì-jūn (Ms Anita Ho) * Cooperative Education Program applications, accounting, and case closing
* NSC Project applications, accounting, and case closing
* Fund accounting for domestic and international travel
* NSC grant applications
* Other departmental affairs
行政組員sttseng * CS Division course scheduling-related affairs
* IEET Certification-related affairs
* NTU Aim for Top University Project: administration, communications, and planning
* Loans and coordination for CSIE classrooms, meeting rooms, and seminar rooms
* CSIE alumni contact web maintenance
* Student career development
* CS Division document system management
* Other departmental affairs
行政專員 264
Senior Clerk 261
Wu, Chin-Hao 202
Technician 251
Techniciancsliu 255
行政組員Mr Yè, Jùn-wéi (Mr Chun-wei Yeh) * Fire control and sanitation
* Property management and disposal
* General services support
* Student worker hiring and overseeing
* Audio-visual equipment maintenance
* Other departmental affairs
TechnicianCHEN, MENG-HUNG 217
行政專員S.c Wang 217
Teaching AssistantMs Ting-Yen Lee * Manager of the Workstation Laboratory, in charge of account management (NIS), disk usage (NFS), related software and hardware
* Administrator of the CSIE mail server, web server, BBS server, and the server room 215
* Teaching Assistant
* Assisting departmental affairs
Teaching Assistant 217
Teaching AssistantZhang, Jie-Fan  
Administrative Assistant 441
Administrative Assistant 259
Student Worker 265
Student Workersitinghong 256
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