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Countries eligible for the visa exemption program can be found via this link. More information about visa can be found here. [Note that if you are holding a PRC (People's Republic of China) passport, you must apply for both: "Mainland Residents Taiwan Pass" (Simplified Chinese: 大陆居民往来台湾通行证, 陆胞证) and "Exit & Entry Permit for the Taiwan Area of the R.O.C." (Simplified Chinese: 中华民国台湾地区入出境许可证, 入台证). Check here for more information. We can help you apply for it if you send us your application materials by September 30, 2012. You have to pay the application fee on your own.]

The unit of currency is the New Taiwan Dollar (NT$). Bill denominations are NT$2000, NT$1000, NT$500, NT$200, and NT$100. Coin denominations are NT$1, NT$5, NT$10, NT$20, and NT$50. As of August 2012, the exchange rate was quoted around NT$30 to one US Dollar. Check here for the latest exchange rates .

The weather forecast by the Central Weather Bureau, Taiwan can be found via this link.

Time Zone
Taiwan is eight hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). You can check Taiwan's local time via this link.

There are two airports in Taipei. Most international flights arrive in Taoyuan International Airport (TPE), while some arrive in Taipei Songshan Airport (TSA).

Taxi Fare (tips are not required):
6:00 AM to 11:00 PM -- Base fare: NT$70 (for the first 1.25km)/Rate: NT$5 (per 250m)/Waiting interval: NT$5 (per 100sec)
11:00 PM to 6:00 AM -- 1. Same rates as above/ 2. Additional charge of NT$20 per trip

The best way to explore Taipei area is by MRT.

Tourist Information
Tourism Bureau, Taiwan (8 languages available)
Department of Information and Tourism, Taipei City Government (4 languages available)

If weather permits, hiking in Taipei's rural area is really desirable. It could be a one-day or half-day trip. Do not go alone though. Some hiking information can be found here.