[2022-12-16] Andrew Chiu, VP Technology at Qualcomm,“Innovation for the Intelligently Connected World”

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Title: Innovation for the Intelligently Connected World

Date: 2022-12-16 11:00-12:30

Location: R210, CSIE

Speaker: Andrew Chiu (邱進川) , VP Technology at Qualcomm 

Hosted by: Prof. Winston Hsu


"Innovation for the Intelligently Connected World"

  • The Intelligently Connected World (including the "The time is Now" video by Qualcomm, shown on the Qualcomm Investor Day 2021) (link)
  • The Rise of Smartphone and its Technology Innovation and Impact on the Intelligently Connected World
  • Imaging and AI Technology Innovation at Qualcomm
  • Areas of Research Interests
  • Qualcomm Opportunities in Taiwan
  • Q&A



Andrew Chiu (邱進川) comes from Kaohsiung (高雄崎漏) and is Qualcomm's VP of Technology for the Camera System Team. Andrew began his Qualcomm career in 2003 and founded the camera team for camera technology development for Mobile, Automotive, IoT, etc. Before joining Qualcomm, Andrew was a scientist in AT&T Bell Lab for ML research from 1991-1992, and Sony Cooperation for "machine vision for factory automation and imaging research for digital still camera" from 1992-2003. Andrew received a B.S. degree in Control Engineering (Now EE) from NCTU and a Ph.D. from Michigan State University EE Dept. Ph. D. in 1991, with research focusing on Neural Network for Dynamic Programming.


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