[2022-09-16] Prof. Lung-Pan Cheng,NTU, " Being a Researcher- Attending Talks"

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Title: Being a Researcher- Attending Talks
Date: 2022-09-16 2:20pm-3:30pm
Speaker: Prof. Lung-Pan Cheng, NTUCSIE
Location: R103
Hosted by: Prof. Lung-Pan Cheng

Many students were asking how the seminar will be in this semester, which is great. That shows
1. you cannot wait to see the incoming exciting talks and ideas;
2. you are eager for a comfort zone to discuss your research topic;
3. you want to make sure you can pass this course with optimized effort.
All good, but how does the teaching group know which one is NOT your real thought? In the meantime, there are also reasons to force students to attend this seminar
1. we want to make sure students are exposed to a broad research topics to extend their interests;
2. we want to connect students with their future employers;
3. we want speakers to get more feedback from discussion.
Not bad, isn’t it? But do you really agree with all these reasons? 
In this plenary, we invite professors in our department to share their views and experiences about attending talks. We will also announce how the seminar works in this semester. 
p.s. according to the school’s policy, please attend this seminar physically with your masks on unless you are in quarantine. 
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