[2022-04-29] Mr. Li Chen, Georgia Tech, "Maximum Flow and Minimum-Cost Flow in Almost-Linear Time"

Poster:SHIH-YU(ERINE) PAIPost date:2022-04-07
Title: Maximum Flow and Minimum-Cost Flow in Almost-Linear Time
Date: 2022-04-29 2:20pm-3:30pm
Speaker: Mr. Li Chen, Georgia Tech
Hosted by: Prof. Yen-Huan Li
We give an algorithm that computes exact maximum flows and minimum-cost flows on directed graphs with m edges and polynomially bounded integral demands, costs, and capacities in almost-linear time. Our algorithm builds the flow through a sequence of m^{1+o(1)} approximate undirected minimum-ratio cycles, each of which is computed and processed in amortized almost-constant time using a new dynamic graph data structure.
Our framework extends to algorithms running in almost-linear time for computing flows that minimize general edge-separable convex functions to high accuracy. This gives almost-linear time algorithms for several problems including entropy-regularized optimal transport, matrix scaling, p-norm flows, and p-norm isotonic regression on arbitrary directed acyclic graphs.
Joint work with Rasmus Kyng, Yang P. Liu, Richard Peng, Maximilian Probst Gutenberg, and Sushant Sachdeva.
Li Chen is a third-year PhD student at Georgia Tech advised by Dr. Richard Peng. Li works on provably fast algorithms and data structures, with a focus on handling large graphs and networks. He received his BS from the National Taiwan University in 2018 in Computer Science.
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