[2022-05-06] Prof. Kate Ching-Ju Lin, National Yang-Ming Chiao Tung Univerity, "AI for Networking and Networking for AI"

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Title: AI for Networking and Networking for AI
Date: 2022-05-06 2:20pm-3:30pm
Speaker: Prof. Kate Ching-Ju Lin, National Yang-Ming Chiao Tung Univerity
Hosted by: Prof. Ai-Chun Pang
The emergence of Software Defined Networking (SDN) enables agile and flexible network management. To enhance management efficiency, the industry and academia have been devoted to developing programmable switches (such as P4). With the capability of programmability, developers can define their own switch processing pipelines through recompilation. This programmable design also makes the industry and academia rethink the role of network devices. In addition to the basic function of packet forwarding, we are interested in knowing whether the computing power of programmable switches can be leveraged to build an intelligent network architecture. In this talk, I will introduce the possibility of enabling AI-based software-defined networking (AI-SDN), which integrates artificial intelligence technologies into intelligent networks. Our goal is to achieve win-win cooperation between AI for Networking and Networking for AI. With AI-SDN, we envision improving the transmission efficiency of intelligent networks and, at the same time, optimizing decentralized deep learning training, thereby stimulating more innovative services that rely on intelligent networks, such as self-driving, distributed machine learning, and network management.
Kate Ching-Ju Lin received a B.S. degree in the Department of Computer Science, National Tsing Hua University in 2003, and a Ph.D. degree in Graduate Institute of Networking and Multimedia, National Taiwan University in 2009. She was a visiting scholar at CSAIL, MIT from Mar. 2007 to Mar. 2008 and from Oct. 2010 to Mar. 2011. She is currently the director of the Institute of Network Engineering, National Yang-Ming Chiao Tung Univerity, HsinChu, Taiwan. Her current research interests include software-defined networking, wireless systems and network architectures for machine learning. She was the recipient of the K. T. Li Young Researcher Award from ACM Taipei/Taiwan in 2014. She is an IEEE senior member.
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