[2021-10-29] Dr. Gelion Lin (Chun Wei Lin), Garmin International (Taiwan), "An introduction of image/signal algorithm design"

Poster:Post date:2021-08-31
Title: An introduction of image/signal algorithm design
Date: 2021-10-29 2:20pm-3:30pm
Location: R103, CSIE
Speaker: Dr. Gelion Lin (Chun Wei Lin), Garmin International (Taiwan)
Hosted by: Prof. Lung-Pan Cheng
An introduction of image/signal-based algorithm design by two examples: the image stitching algorithm for surrounding top-view monitoring system and neural network-based activity recognition. We will discuss how we analyze the request, design the method, and evaluate the designed algorithm. At last, we will discuss if the neural network is the magic bullet for all projects? Why if can be or it cannot be.
Gelion Lin (Chun Wei Lin) is the Team Lead of the Algorithm Design Team at Garmin International (Taiwan), also the Advanced Software Engineer with experience in video/signal processing. In the past eight years, Gelion led several successful essential algorithm designs, including the consumer products' algorithms and the ADAS function of Tier 1 Auto-OEM products.
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