[2020-11-13] Dr. Phillip Chang, Co-founder and Asia-Pacific GM of Ayla Networks, "Challenges and Opportunities of Enterprise IoT Platform"

Poster:Post date:2020-11-10
Title: Challenges and Opportunities of Enterprise IoT Platform
Date: 2020-11-13 3:40pm-5:00pm
Location: R102, CSIE
Speaker: Dr. Phillip Chang, Co-founder and Asia-Pacific GM of Ayla Networks
Hosted by: Prof. Jane Hsu


How to solve challenges and capture the fastest growing AIoT opportunities: smart home, appliances, telecom, service provider and medical markets by providing enterprise grade IoT platform with 4 concentrated areas: Security, Stability, Scalability and Smart (AI).
Phillip has 30 years of experience building and growing companies in Taiwan, China and the United States. Prior to founding Ayla, Phillip was at ZeroG Wireless (IoT Wi-Fi chip design house, acquired by Microchip), where he was responsible for developing and maintaining relationships with Asian manufacturers, suppliers, customers, and working with some of Asia’s largest contract manufacturers and technology providers. Phillip has also served as an executive vice president at Broadweb(acquired by Trend Micro), a networking security vendor; CEO of Linkpeople(partnered with Foxmail later became Wechat), an early social network application developer; and founder of Macsense, a third-party developer of Mac peripherals.
As the Co-founder and Asia-Pacific GM of Ayla Networks, Phillip has watched Ayla grow from a small two-person start-up in Silicon Valley to an IoT leader in the United States, Europe, and Asia. He established the Ayla Greater China region, recruited more than 50 employees in 3 years and signed contracts with more than 100 top customers. Moreover, he supported the company in closing its four rounds of financing; totaling roughly 130M USD. Recently, Ayla has been recognized as a global IoT leader by several of the top media corps, such as Gartner, MIIT of China, and Financial Summit.
Phillip has a BA from UC Berkeley Applied Mathematics major, an MS of Operations Research(aka. Management Science & Engineering) from Stanford University, and Ph.D. & licensed in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Before beginning his business career, he was a world-class athlete, participating as a member of Taiwan’s Olympic swimming team.
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