[2018-06-05] Dr. Chu-Cheow Lim, Director of Engineering, Qualcomm ,” A Perspective on a Compiler-Related Career (Industry or Academic)”


Title: A Perspective on a Compiler-Related Career (Industry or Academic)
Date: 2018-06-05 16:00-17:10
Location: R210, CSIE
Speaker: Dr. Chu-Cheow Lim, Director of Engineering, Qualcomm
Hosted by: Prof. Shih-Wei Liao



My CTHPC's presentation is a discussion on what kinds of interesting problems exist for compiler research, which are especially interesting from an industry perspective.  For the sessions at the university, I'll further the discussion on what I think will serve as strong foundations for students who are interested in compilers. 

The foundations are relevant whether a student wants to work in the industry or focus more on research.  I'll start with a perspective when we hire for GPU compiler, and attempt to make some generalizations.  I also believe the same foundations are useful if a compiler person decides to apply their experience to or move into new domains.

The session will be about sharing experience and perspective, so I hope to have a good dialog with students and faculty as well.



Tecgbucak Expertise

  •  CPU and GPU compiler: optimizations, performance analyses
  •   HPC systems, programming languages and inter-disciplinary applications


Work Experience

Qualcomm: 2012

Director of Engineering: GPU compiler performance, test infrastructure and QA.  Distributed team at San Diego, Santa Clara, India.

Project Lead: R&D on Halide for Adreno GPU

 Intel: 1999

GPU, OpenCL, C-for-media compilers 

Speculative parallel threading

CPU compiler loop level optimizations, Itanium code generator

 Gintic Institute of Manufacturing Technology: 1997

Parallel discrete event simulation

 Defense Science Organization, Singapore: 1993

Parallel programming IDE, HPC applications



PhD, 1993 Computer Science, University of California at Berkeley

MSc, 1988, Computer Science, Stanford University

BSc, 1988, Mathematical and Computational Sciences, Stanford University

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