[2018-04-13] Victor Chang, the CEO of Tomofun,” When AI meet dog: AI application in Pet Industry.”

Title: When AI meet dog: AI application in Pet Industry.  
Date: 2018-04-13 14:20-15:30
Location: R103, CSIE
Speaker: Victor Chang, the CEO of Tomofun
Hosted by: Prof. Jane Hsu



Victor Chang, the CEO of Tomofun, has a great passion for the entrepreneurial spirit. After graduating from Babson College, he returned to Taiwan and became an entrepreneur in the pet industry. In 2014, he began development of what would later become an award-winning product-Furbo Dog Camera. During the creation of Furbo, Victor played an integral hands-on role in the online fundraising, designing, manufacturing, and marketing of the product. Tomofun has since seen tremendous success for their debut product, Furbo - the world's first treat-tossing dog camera. Furbo has already achieved the #1 bestselling pet cam status on Amazon in 10 countries, including USA, Japan, UK, and Canada. He now leads a world-class global team to continuously bring joy through innovative products to every pet lover in the world.Incorporating the latest mobile and AI technologies, he is delivering the future of human and pet interactive experiences.



"Bring joy and innovation to every pet lover in the world.” That is the vision of Tomofun.Using innovative technology to bring joy and peace of mind to pet parents is the primary goal we’d like to achieve. The first step towards our vision was creating Furbo Dog Camera, our flagship product, which lets dog owners see and interact with their dogs at home by using the Furbo App from anywhere in the world. Furbo Dog Camera has already proven to identify and reduce dogs’ anxiety they experience each time their owners leave the house. This could reduce the dog’s separation anxiety also make the dream that dog parents and their furry loved ones can always be together come true.

When AI meets pets, what kind of innovative application will they develop?

Combine AI with dog camera make it not only the camera which can see your dog’s secret life, also a personalized nanny for your dog. It can help you to understand your dog’s life behavior easier.

From finding out the user’s need to creating the hot-selling product which sales over 10 countries. Let Tomofun tell you how to use AI to make camera become personalized dog’s nanny and produce the first AI dog camera in the world .

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