[2018-04-13] Dr. Kou-Hu Tzou, Blairtech Solution LLC, “Intellectual Property – An Entrepreneur’s Perspective”



Title: Intellectual Property – An Entrepreneur’s Perspective

Date: 2018-04-13 14:20-15:30

Location: R102, CSIE

Speaker Dr. Kou-Hu Tzou, Blairtech Solution LLC

Hosted by: Prof.Ai-Chun Pang


In this talk, we will navigate through the jungle of intellectual property with focus on patent matters, in particular from the point of view of an entrepreneur or individual inventor. We will start with some ground about of intellectual property including characteristics of patent such as types of patent and patent term, Taiwan patent law vs US patent law, Patent Corporation Treaty (PCT), Word Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). The talk will then focus on the perspective of an entrepreneur and individual inventor, such as:

·         Should I draft the patent application by myself

·         How to work with an attorney/agent to minimize the cost while producing quality applications

·         What happens after an application is filed

·         What is office action and what should I do

·         For PCT, what is ISR (International Search Report) and how should I handle it

·         Where should I file my invention, TW, US, PCT, etc.

·         For multiple region filings, should I file with individual regions or PCT

·         How much a patent application costs

·         About copyright: be careful and respectful about copyright, otherwise…

·         Experience sharing

o   Be sued as a start-up

o   Challenge an invalid patent

o   Some profitable patent examples

o   Examples of holes in patents





Dr. Kou-Hu Tzou has been practicing patent services since 2006. He has a very atypical career path. During his early career, he is a researcher/scientist in various well-known research organizations including GTE Labs, Bellcore and COMSAT Labs, where he conducts research for image and video compression technologies. He has published over 30 papers on progressive image transmission, high-order entropy coding, and motion estimation/compensation in technical journals and conferences. He also authored 2 book chapters on video coding and TV transmission. He has been awarded 10 US patents related to video coding and DSP. He is an IEEE Life Fellow and an SPIE Fellow.   

In his middle career, he worked for various small start-ups, mostly related to hardware development. He served at various capacities in these start-ups including VP Engineering, VP Business Development, Fellow and Chief Architect. However, all these start-ups failed, but he learned valuable experiences and lessons from these failed start-ups. 

In his recent career, he becomes a solo patent practitioner providing patent services, thanks to the opportunity of being laid off. His patent services include patent search, patent drafting, patent filing for both US and PCT, patent prosecution (office action, petition and appeal, re-examination), except for patent litigation. He enjoys working with clients in helping them to get their ideas patented. He often advices individual inventors on protecting intellectual properties and how to DIY in patent filing and prosecution.




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