[2017-12-22] Erica Lan,Partner Software Engineering Manager at Microsoft, “Soft Skill and Hard Data in the Cloud-Enabled AI World”


Title: Soft Skill and Hard Data in the Cloud-Enabled AI World
Date: 2017-12-22  02:20pm-03:30pm
Location: R103, CSIE
Speaker:  Erica Lan ,Partner Software Engineering Manager at Microsoft
Hosted by: Prof. Ai-Chun Pang


In this talk, Erica will attribute the current AI wave momentum to the mutually re-enforced AI, cloud and data triangle. Cloud computing possesses the computation power accessibility and massive data storage to provide the fuel for AI democratization. The various emerging AI scenarios push cloud offerings from horizontal infrastructure services to vertical AI services. To ride the AI wave and beyond, Erica will identify the soft skills as well as the data analytics capabilities needed to produce customer focused AI services. She will end the talk by examining various examples from the computer science fundamental and data modeling scenarios to recent AI products.


Erica Lan (藍遂青) is a Partner Software Engineering Manager at Azure networking and owns Microsoft global network strategy to connect the world to the cloud. She is leading a multi-discipline team consisting of software developers, network engineers and data scientists. Given the scale of Microsoft global network and the dynamic nature of internet, the network modeling with A/B testing and software driven traffic engineering with the big data are the team’s focus areas.
Prior to Azure networking, Erica was a Senior Vice President in cloud security engineering at Salesforce.com where she managed the cloud security team for the fastest growing enterprise cloud and was responsible for defining the strategy of software defined security. As an executive, Erica witnessed how Salesforce.com formulated AI service offerings and brought a set of AI technologies to their business platform.
Before joining Salesforce at November 2015, Erica spent 20 years at Microsoft and led the development of various products ranging from the consumer products, server products, enterprise protection services to the large-scale cloud services. From 2010 to 2015, Erica led the teams at Bing and Azure Compute platform to deliver engineering analytics, distributed build service and the configuration/deployment orchestration for public cloud.
Erica holds BS/MS in computer science from National Taiwan University and MS in computer science from University of Washington, Seattle. She has two US patents and has earned several Microsoft innovation awards. 
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