[2017-12-01] Mr. Ethan Tu, Taiwan AI Labs, “AI revolution starts here”


Title: AI revolution starts here
Date: 2017-12-01  03:30pm-04:30pm
Location: R105, E.E. Building No.2
Speaker:  Mr. Ethan Tu, Taiwan AI Labs
Hosted by: Prof. SD Lin




In this talk, Ethan will discuss his vision of Taiwan AI innovations, particularly, in Medical, Smart Cities and Human Interactions in Taiwan. He will also talk about the strategies in making product and research decisions, when facing new technology. 



Ethan Tu, received the M.S. degree from National Taiwan University (NTU). He is the founder of Taiwan AI Labs in 2017. He founded PTT.cc in 1995 and social network for Yam.com in 1998. He joined National Institute of Health (NIH), Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI), in Washington DC as Program Lead for Human Genome Project in 2003. Later he joined Microsoft in 2006 and became the Principal Development Manager in Microsoft AI and Research Group. He created Microsoft Cortana and established Microsoft AI strategy for Cortana. 

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