[2017-06-23] Dr. Shannon Chen, Facebook,” Semantic Awareness in 360 Streaming”


Title: Semantic Awareness in 360 Streaming

Date: 2017-06-23 2:20pm-3:30pm

Location: R102, CSIE

Speaker: Dr. Shannon Chen, Facebook

Hosted by: Prof. Yun-Nung Chen


Semantics-aware (context-aware) content delivery framework is a conceptual framework proposed in recent years to introduce high level inputs from physical and psychophysical regimes to resolve system level trade-offs in a complex multimedia service. As a successful example of adopting semantic-awareness, 360 video service at Facebook is enabled as a feasible medium for its billion-scale users to share and experience with one another in a more media-enriched immersion. Join me in this talk to hear about the journey of how it happened.



Dr. Shannon Chen is a research scientist at Facebook. As an original member of the VRApps team where all 360 research at Facebook begins, he is the inventor of the renowned Pyramid Projection and a core developer of Dynamic Streaming. Dr. Chen received his PhD in Computer Science from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC). He is the recipient of Saburo Muroga Fellowship, a member of the Phi Tau Phi Scholastic Honor Society, and was a board member of the Graduate Academic Council of UIUC. Chen has published in ACM MMSYS, ACM TOMM, IEEE/ACM TON, ACM SIGCOMM, ACM Multimedia, IEEE INFOCOM, and has been awarded best presentation (2016), best paper nominee (2013), and the winner of ACM Multimedia Grand Challenge (2013).

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