[2017-05-26] Gary Chang/ Ivan Wang, Win & Fun Capital, ”金融工程中Quant 和High freq. trade簡介, 世界現况和台灣的機會(CS 領域)” (English Speech)

Title: 金融工程中Quant High freq. trade簡介, 世界現况和台灣的機會 (CS 領域) (English Speech)

Date: 2017-05-26  2:20pm-4:00pm

Location: R103, CSIE

Speaker: Gary Chang/ Ivan Wang, Win & Fun Capital

Hosted by: Prof. Ming Ouhyoung


How to use machine learning to Predict the Stock Market

·  High frequency trading introduction 

Why HFT can predict market 

HFT in developed market 

Top Tier HFT Firm in U.S

·  Who will succeed in HFT industry?


Soft engineer


Career path

·  Why WFC start business in Taiwan?

Asia market Opportunity

Good engineers 

Life/work in HFT firm


Gary Chang

Win & Fun Capital Managing Director

Y Combinator Fellow ‘15

Jump Trading Limited Partner

Stanford EE BS/MS ‘09, Terman Scholar (Top 3% in School of Engineering Graduating Class)


Ivan Wang

Win & Fun Capital Managing Director

        Vitalis Asset Management Director

        NTU Finance


About Us

Win & Fun Capital is a quantitative investment management firm founded in 2016. We are a small team of scientists and engineers with a mutual desire to learn from each other to solve very challenging problems.



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