[2017-04-28] Mr. Daosheng Mu, Mozillian, "Mozilla VR - Bringing Virtual Reality tools, WebVR standards, and experiences to the open Web”


Title: Mozilla VR - Bringing Virtual Reality tools, WebVR standards, and experiences to the open Web

Date: 2017-04-28  14:20pm-15:30pm

Location: R103, CSIE

Speaker: Mr. Daosheng Mu, Mozillian

Hosted by: Jane.Hsu


Undoubtedly, Virtual Reality (VR) is the hottest topic in technology in recent years. In addition to the Oculus Rift developed by Oculus, other companies, such as Samsung, HTC, and Google are also releasing  their own hardware and software solutions. VR has the opportunity to dramatically change the way people experience games, movies, and multimedia, as well as how we create them. On the Mozilla VR team, engineers and designers are working to bring virtual reality to the Open Web, enabling anyone with a web browser to create and surf VR worlds. The hope is that the ubiquity of browsers and the Web will open VR far beyond native VR platforms, to billions of new users.




Daosheng Mu is a game developer, graphics programmer, and a Mozillian.
Before joining Mozilla, he has worked on a cross-platform 3D graphics engine and was the top #11 contributor to the WebGL open source project, three.js.

Recently, he has been working on Firefox's graphics and WebGL support and is now a member of Mozilla's WebVR team

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