[2017-04-14]Dr. Franz Aurenhammer, Institute for Theoretical Computer Science Technische Universitaet Graz ,"Recent Trends on Voronoi-Type Structures”


Title: Recent Trends on Voronoi-Type Structures
Date: 2017-04-14 2:20pm-3:30pm
R103, CSIE
Speaker: Dr. Franz Aurenhammer, Institute for Theoretical Computer Science Technische Universitaet Graz  
Hosted by: Prof. Kun-Mao Chao



Voronoi-type Structures are geometric partitioning structures,defined by a set of sites, and an assignment rule for points (in the plane/space) to these sites. Such structures have been used in computational geometry and in the applied natural sciences since a long time. In this talk, we report on some recent developments in the area of Voronoi diagrams, including a new type of Voronoi diagram and a new divide-and-conquer algorithm for constructing certain Voronoi diagrams.


Dr. Franz Aurenhammer is a full Professor at the Institute for Theoretical Computer Science, University of Technology, Graz, Austria (since Oct. 1992). Head of the research group on algorithms, geometry, and optimization


Research Interests

Data  structures  and  algorithms  in  general,  and  computational  geometry, combinatorial geometry, and graph algorithms in particular


Some 150 publications in quality scientific journals/conference proceedings, one book ‘Voronoi Diagrams and Delaunay Triangulations’ (co-authored with Rolf Klein and Der Tsai Lee), and three survey articles two of which of over 80 pages each


Best paper award (Hao Wang Award 2000) at the 6th International Computing and Combinatorics Conference, Sydney, Australia, 2000.

Recent grants

FWF Special Research Council “Optimization and Control” F300

ESF EuroGIGA Collaborate Research Project “Spatial Decompositions and Graphs (VORONOI)”

Initiator of the ESF EUROCORES Programme EuroGIGA – Graphs in Geometry and Algorithms



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