[2016-12-23 ] Ben Jai, Hope Bay Technologies ," System Software for Highly Efficient and Reliable Systems”

Poster:Post date:2016-11-29

Title: System Software for Highly Efficient and Reliable Systems

Date: 2016-12-23 2:20pm-3:30pm

Location: R101, CSIE

Speaker: 翟本喬、黃敬群、梁文耀

Hosted by: 洪士灝 教授


In this talk, Dr. Ben Jai will have a leisure talk about the importance of the system software and how it helps establish solid foundations for high efficient and reliable systems. In addition, we will also introduce how HopeBay incorporates system software technologies in product development.

The quality and the correctness of software are indeed the greatest concern in highly-integrated computer systems. Formal verification tools can provide a guarantee that a design is free of specific flaws. Jserv will make a brief list about automatic static analysis of software to detect programming errors or prove their absence along with common techniques  such as static analysis with abstract domains and model checking from the perspectives of open source technologies.

Dr. William Liang will talk about the trend of the IoT, Mobile Terminals, and Cloud for the emerging 4G/5G high-speed mobile networks. HopeBay  has proposed the patented “Cloud Memory Extension (CME)” Technology and the “Data-centric IoT” architecture, so that the system space of the mobile and IoT devices can be merged with the cloud storage seamlessly. In this way, the logical space of the devices could be extended without any limitation. With CME, Developers will be able to create applications easily since the details of the device-to-cloud communications has been hidden; instead, cloud data can be accessed from within the device local file systems directly.



翟本喬,紐約大學電腦科學博士,曾任職貝爾實驗室與 Google,之後創立台達電子雲端技術中心,2013 年帶領資訊菁英成立和沛科技,提供企業完整的雲端解決方案,2016 年成立和沛移動,開創使用者完美的雲端服務行動體驗。

黃敬群,網路慣用暱稱為 jserv,從高中開始投入作業系統設計至今,曾參與手機、平板、電視、車載電子,以及 CPU/GPU 晶片組等產品設計。4 年前回到學校任教,和年輕人合作開發系統軟體,目標是「為納稅人而教」,讓大學生得以創造更大的產值。

梁文耀,台灣大學資訊工程博士,曾任教於台北科大、鴻海資深處長等職務,現為和沛移動技術長。專長涵蓋作業系統、計算機結構、及平行與分散式系統,熟悉嵌入式系統、LinuxAndroid 等系統核心技術。


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