MiRA group photos

The group photo of all the RA/student members since 2007, collected in January 2015 for a keynote talk  and to acknowledge the huge contributions for our group research.


We keep recruiting graduate students (master or PhD) for the exciting projects of both great theoretical interests and strong industrial demands. Students have delivered brilliant results. See our news or publication sections for more details.

We, as MiRA (or "R") group, founded in summer 2007, affiliate with faculties and students in CMLab, where we share research resources and obligations. Specifically, our group focus more on advanced researches regarding multimedia semantic analysis, indexing, retrieval, etc. We welcome students who have strong motivations, enjoy challenges, appreciate novel ideas, and aim at quality publications. We will have frequent cross-site projects with research institutions abroad and project presentations (in English) to international researchers.

PhD Students

Master Students

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group activities

Snapshots for the lab life!!
Research Visit to University of Tokyo, August 2012
Research Visit to NII, Tokyo, Japan July 2012


mira party June.    MiRA Party@Kanpai, Taipei, June 25, 2009. Celebrate for our hard-workding achievements and best wishes to the first-time master graduates.


Phd meeting June.    MiRA PhD Meeting@Evans Burger, Taipei, June 3, 2009.


mira party jan.    MiRA Hiking@Yangmingshan, Taipei, March 23, 2009.


mira party jan.    MiRA Party@DOZO, Taipei, January 09, 2009.