Recruiting Postdoctoral Fellow (博後) for large-scale image/video learning and machine intelligence


The prevalence of capture devices and the advent of media-sharing services have drastically increased the sheer amount of image and video collections. Here arise the strong needs for effective image/video analytics and machine intelligence. We, MiRA Research Group in Communication and Multimedia Lab (CMLab), NTU, have been devoted to large-scale image/video retrieval, efficient indexing/hashing, visual recognition, social media mining, and machine intelligence. We are moving from retrieval, recognition, to further cognition (intelligence) and conducting joint learning with image/video, text, geo-locations, and other modalities.

In the past three years, we have been working on numerous deep learning based methods for large-scale image/video analytics and retrieval projects, sponsored by leading industry partners (Microsoft Research, MediaTek, HTC, Intel, IBM TJ Watson, etc.). We investigate effective CNN methods for image/video applications such as image search, video event detection, face recognition, facial/clothing attributes, image/video captioning, surveillance applications, visual question and answering, etc. Especially, we devise effective training strategies by leveraging web-scale data and scalable learning algorithms compliant with mobile or IoT devices.

We aim for global impacts in the international research community. We have been receiving prestigious international recognitions such as FIRST PLACE in MSR-Bing Image Retrieval Challenge 2013 (hosted by Microsoft Research and Bing), FIRST PRIZE in ACM Multimedia 2011 (by Yahoo!), ACM Multimedia 2014 Grand Challenge Multimodal Award (by IBM TJ Watson Research Center), ACM Multimedia 2013 Grand Challenge Multimodal Award (by Microsoft), Microsoft Research Asia Award 2009, 2012, 2014, and 2015 (with gift funds), ACM Multimedia 2012 Doctoral Symposium Best Paper Award, Microsoft Research Asia Fellowship 2012.

Our PhD alumni are internationally competitive and had received official researcher/scientist offers from leading research institutions such as FX Palo Alto Laboratory, IBM Spark Technology Center, GE Global Research, Microsoft Research (Asia), etc. We hope the Postdoctoral Fellow can join our research family and share the exciting opportunities.

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